March 9

Accelerator Oscillator and Alligator Indicator

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Sometimes in trading, we make some assumptions which can lead to profit and sometimes losses.

Of course as much as possible, we want to make assumptions and decisions that give us the highest probability of profit then it is wise to make decisions based on reliable indicators.

The Accelerator Oscillator and Alligator Indicator combination provides a pretty signals that you can rely on.

But take note, this is a new strategy because nobody has combined both this indicators as far as we know…

But do use it correctly because any incorrect use or reading of the signals can lead to losses… just like any other strategies.

In this video tutorial, we will cover the best way to read the signals generated by these 2 indicators.

There are three lines…there are the green, red and blue.

The lines indicate different parameters.

What we will look for is the close of the candle.

And as long as the candle close above the 3 lines, then the signal is generated.

If the position is to go long, then the close of the candle should be above all 3 lines for a buy signal to be generated.

At the same time, we want to cross check with the Histogram to make sure that we are not too late in the trend.

This is been seen in the video.

It’s harder to explain in writing hence the video…

It’s the same for short positions.

What we want to do is to stay discipline to the indicators so that we keep our risk to the minimum.

When the signals are generated, and we are too late in the trend, it’s best to just give the signal a skip.

Better safe than be in a position where we have to try to repair the trade.

A lot has been covered in this video… as always, practice any strategy on a demo account first until you can consistently generate a profit before going live.

It’s the wise thing to do.

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