March 14

Accelerator Oscillator and DeMarker Indicator

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I may not know you personally but here’s one thing I know.

If you are watching all our Forex videos, it just means that you are trying to make money in Forex.

Up to this point we have shared quite a number of strategies… even advanced Forex Strategies here on our website.

One thing I want to highlight is that while there are many indicators out there and even more strategies, you really should pick not more than 5 strategies to master and to learn with your demo account.

Regardless the buy or sell signals are generated from any combination of indicators, it’s always best to stick to a few rules that supersedes the signals generated.

1. If going long, never ever buy at key resistance level.

2. If going short, never sell at key support level.

3. If the signal generated is too late (i.e. 9 bars later in the Histogram), then it might be wise to give the trade a skip.

4. Always watch your position sizing. Never take more than you can chew.

5. Always be adjusting your stop loss level if you like to use trailing stop loss.

As a retail trader, our biggest advantage is to be patient.

We do not need to take a trade.

We take a trade when it’s all to our advantage and for that we need to exercise self and emotional discipline.

And of course, although we share so many strategies, we are not asking you to master and practice all of these strategies.

It’s never wise to skip from one strategy to another.

It’s always best to choose one strategy that you like and commit to it for 3 months.

Practice it on virtual accounts and if you cannot lose money with the virtual account for 1 month or so, then perhaps it’s time to go live with it.

Enough of writing for us… and enough reading for you… time to watch the Accelerator Oscillator and DeMarker Indicator Video tutorial.


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