Accelerator Oscillator and MACD Indicator

Accelerator Oscillator and MACD Indicator

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In this video tutorial, we will combine the Accelerator Oscillator and MACD Indicator.

Of course with any strategy, we want to look for reliable buy/sell signals.

This strategy is pretty simple and straightforward.

What we look for is for both the Accelerator Oscillator and MACD Indicator to be above the Zero line… for long positions.

When both are above the Zero line or having positive histogram, we will go in on the next open.

As always, before going in for the long position, always check how far away the resistance line is from the point of entry.

Essentially, this is a momentum trade and more often than not, the profit per trade may not be very high.

Don’t expect to hit 100x ROI… it is not designed to do this.

But this is a highly reliable trading strategy that provides consistent results… may not be high but it’s reliable.

If you can master this strategy, it will add on to your portfolio over time.

As for short position, it is the same.

We look for both indicators to be below Zero.

Don’t go into any short position if it’s too near to the support line.

We always want to respect support and resistance line in all our approach.

The best time to enter in position is on the 2nd histogram bar.

Better to wait for confirmation before jumping straight in.

Just be sure stick to discipline and practice strict money management rule.

Even if you manage to produce high win/loss ratio with this strategy, it’s always wise not to be overly aggressive with position sizing.

Always stick to risking not more than 2% of your portfolio per trade.

This is key to staying in the trading business in the long term.

Never let greed take control of your decision making.

Enjoy and profit well with this strategy.

See you on the next video tutorial…

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