Accelerator Oscillator and Money Flow Index Indicator

Accelerator Oscillator and Money Flow Index Indicator

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In this video tutorial, we are going to combine the Accelerator Oscillator and Money Flow Index Indicator.

As you know, we simplify all our strategies so that it’s easy for just about anyone to follow and execute these strategies.

Let’s touch on the Money Flow Index first.

The name itself is self explanatory.

It’s supposed to measure the flow of money in the asset.

On it’s own, when it hits level 80, it’s time to consider selling.

When it hits level 20, it’s time to consider buying.

Whenever it reaches this levels, we wanna wait for it to reverse the opposition direction for any signals to be generated.

And if you are more conservative, you want the MFI to hit the 55 level to sell.

And the 45 level to buy when it’s coming up or down respectively.

For us, sometimes, we might enter in position when the MFI starts to reverse from the 80 or 20 level.

Again, this is a more aggressive approach… you can do this when you are more experienced.

Like mentioned many times in all our video tutorials, you want to use 2 or more indicators to provide a more reliable buy or sell signal.

And we combine the MFI with the Accelerator Oscillator for this strategy.

What we want to see in the Accelerator Oscillator is a red bar or for it to be below the zero line.

That will provide use a 2nd confirmation.

And the 3rd confirmation will always be respecting the support and resistance level.

If we going short, then we want to be sure that we DO NOT sell at support.

If we are going long, then we want to be sure that we DO NOT buy at resistance.

And that’s it.

Simply strategy but highly effective.

It takes some manual monitoring of the market but it’s well worth it.

Profit well with this and please leave your comments below.



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