February 9

Accelerator Oscillator

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The New Trendy Indicator for Price Changes in The Market, the Accelerator Oscillator.

The 5- period moving acceleration average can now be differentiated from the awesome oscillator through the latest developing component which has been created by Bill Williams and is named as Accelerator Oscillator.

The main function and focus of this new type of indicator is in helping to understand and detect the pace of the changes through the oscillator. It even helps to detect the reversal in the different trends long before the oscillator can do it.

The system of price hike and its downfall is shown through the oscillator, as passing through the zero line, when it goes upwards, it is a hike up and when the zero line plunges downwards, then it indicates the downfall in price.

There is a pair of green bars lying side by side which shows the rising of price and the oscillator is just placed above the center line between the marks.

In the same manner there is a pair of red bars lying next to each other showing the downfall of the prices, and here the oscillator is placed below the center line.

This new indicator can be used in a different pattern too for reading the market prices which go erratically up and down, quite simply.

And the search for the signals during the change in the market is easily seen through this new creation, even when the oscillator is on the opposite side of the centerline. This procedure is quite interesting.

When a trader wants to confirm the rise and fall of the price, then in both the cases he has to focus on the three bars from the green positive pairs and three bars from the red negative pairs, which would be present below the zero line.

Earlier through the oscillator one had to take a long and short reading. So with this new indicator work is much more simple and fast for the traders.



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