ADX and Commodity Channel Index Indicator

ADX and Commodity Channel Index Indicator

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In this Forex video tutorial, we will combine the ADX and Commodity Channel Index Indicator for some pretty ninja buy/sell signal.

Like our strategies covered, our main objective in combining two or more indicators together is to generate a more reliable buy/sell signals.

Basically, you can combine any 2 indicators that you are comfortable with.

You don’t necessarily have to use the combinations that we have provided.

We have so many video tutorials as case studies so that you follow us and eventually be able to create your own powerful combination strategies.

And when you have done that, we would love to hear from you on your success story.

Ok… with that aside, let’s move into the strategy today.

To set this strategy up, let’s first place some vertical lines where the ADX black line is crossing the 30 level.

Next we want to confirm this signal with CCI Index.

Ideally, the CCI index needs to be above the 100 level (for long positions) or the -100 level (for short positions).

We can get further confirmation from the price bar.

When both the ADX and CCI has provided confirmation, we can get further confirmation from the price bar which should be green (for longs) and red (for shorts).

Just a note of caution as we have in all past video tutorials, please practice any strategies using a demo account.

We know how it works… we find a new strategy… we become excited because we are convinced the strategy will work… then move jump into the market immediately with real money.

Please don’t do that.

You are in this business for the long term.

What you want is to find a strategy that you can use over and over and over again to profit consistently and safely.

So it’s no point getting excited.

In this business, our job is not to get excited.

Trading is supposed to be boring and if ever you find excitement, you need to clam yourself down.

Enjoy this strategy and see you on the next video.


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