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ADX and Fractals Indicator

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In this video tutorial, we will combine the ADX and Fractals Indicator together for a brand new strategy that you will not find in the entire Forex world.

There are so many indicators in the technical analysis world that it’s really up to your creativity to come out with a strategy on your own.

And in this video tutorial, this is what we have done… we came out with a brand new strategy that looks good.

First step, we look for the ADX black line to pass the 30 level.

Then we look at the fractal indicator… if there is an up or down arrow.

As you might already know, if the arrow is at the top, then this is a long position.

We need to place a stop buy at the price bar (where the top arrow appears).

Only when the price breaks this bar, we get into position.

This is essentially a breakout strategy.

When you place any orders, please remember to see where the resistance level is.

The last thing you want to do is to get into position only to find that you are buying below resistance.

This is not smart trading.

For short position, it’s the same…

First, we look for the ADX black line to pass the 30 level.

Then we look at the fractal indicator for the bottom arrow at the price bar.

We want to place a stop sell order.

If there is a breakdown in price, then only we get into position.

If the price does not break down, we are just watching the market.

Pretty neat strategy…

Just remember… do not short any position at key support levels.

That’s just gonna make life more stressful.

And that’s what we want to avoid as traders.

Life should be boring for all of us.

Practice well with this strategy and we will see you in the next video.



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