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ADX and Ichimoku Indicator

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In this video strategy, we will combine the ADX and Ichimoku Indicator.

The rules in this strategy is pretty simple and straight forward.

Well, all our strategies are actually quite simple – come to think about it. lol

The setup might be a little different from the other strategy but it’s effective.

What we want to see is the ADX crossover between the green and red line.

For long position, we want to see the green bar above the red bar.

Then, we want to make sure that the price bar is green in color which means it must be an up day for the market.

The 3rd rule… we want to see the price bar above the Ichimoku cloud… the green cloud.

With all 3 criteria satisfied, then this is a confirm buy signal… oh of course, please check the resistance level.

We do not want to be caught in a position where we are entering position just below key resistance level.

That is not going to be easy trading.

What we want is easy and stress free trading.

And that is achievable only when rules are followed and respected.

Similarly, for short trades we do the opposite.

We want the ADX crossover of red and green lines…with the red line coming out on top.

Then we want to see the price bar in Red for a down day.

Then we want to make sure that the price bar is below the red Ichimoku Cloud.

Lastly, check key support levels.

Can’t say this enough… never short at key support level.

This is a mechanical strategy that you can follow like a robot.

And it works wonders if you can stick to discipline.

Most traders will not find this useful because they cannot stick to the discipline.

A word of advice… do not be like them.

The strategies that we have shared here are powerful and profitable strategies that you can implement.

Practice well, stay patient, and you will do well.

We know that. See you in the next video.


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