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Basic Forex Strategies

Congratulations! You have made it to this module.

In this module, we will cover basic Forex strategies.

When I say basic, it’s really not basic.

What I really mean is that we will be cover only one strategy per video and the basic of each strategy.

Each of this strategy comes with an Indicator or a trading template.

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There are too many indicators out there and we will not be covering each and every one of these indicators that is available in the market.

Instead, we are going to cover what we think are reliable indicators.

Bear in mind… these indicators were created by some Trading Gurus out there who wants to get their name more prominently in the trading world.

Does it mean that they are no good?

Of course not! Some of these indicators are incredible.

But most of it are really not good enough.

So with this in mind, we will focus on each individual strategy to make sure that we provide you a solid foundation.

Just know that each of these individual strategy are solid but they still provide false signals.

To reduce false signals we will then move into more advanced strategies by combining these individuals strategies together.

Typically we will use 2 to 5 of these strategies to provide a buy or sell signal.

All all or most of these individual indicator confirm a buy or sell signal, this is where we feel a more reliable signal that you can follow.

For now, it’s best to just follow each of these video tutorials, try not to skip any of them as it serves as good foundation to your education as a trader.

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This is going to be an awesome journey.

Advanced Forex Strategies