Box Breakout MT4 Indicator - Free MT4 Indicator

Box Breakout MT4 Indicator – Free MT4 Indicator

The Box Breakout MT4 Indicator solves one of the most difficult challenges in breakout trading. Breakout trading can be very frustrating because of the nature of the Forex market to exhibit a lot of false breakouts and also because many times traders don’t necessarily draw the range correctly. By using the Box Breakout MT4 indicator, there is no need to worry much about manually establishing the range as the indicator will plot the actual range you want to trade on automatically and you’ll have a better visualization of the range. To learn more on Box Breakout Strategy or something very similar, called the Darvas Box Strategy, please click on the respective links.

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Box Breakout MT4 Indicator – Chart Setup

The Asia session tends to be the consolidation session of the Forex market and price will establish trend either in the London or the New York session because that’s where all the news comes out from. And news is the critical determinant between high probability and low probability in a session base breakout because you can have two types of breakouts, you can have a price breakout when price simply breaks out without any fundamental news behind it which is a weaker and less highly probable effect because this can be a stop run or you can have a news-breakout in which case the chances are lot more powerful because not only do you have the technical setup but you also have the fundamental fuel to actually drive the price which is a critical difference.

Box Breakout MT4 Indicator
Box Breakout MT4 Indicator – Chart Setup

Box Breakout MT4 Indicator – Settings

This is a very useful indicator that it can be used to alert you to breakouts as it places a set of lines on your chart that gives you a nice visualization of a predefined trading range that can be configured to any setup you wish to put on your charts. One important note, everyone should keep in mind when dealing with time in the MT4 platform is to understand that each broker uses different time zone and you must be aware of your Broker’s time zone in order to properly define the desired trading range.

Box Breakout MT4 indicator - SettingsBox Breakout MT4 Indicator – Settings

The Box Breakout MT4 indicator settings:

  • Number of days: It represents the numbers of how many days going backwards you would like to see the box drawings on the chart;
  • periodBegin: The time hour at which the range box starts (red box);
  • periodEnd: The time hour at which the range box ends (red box);
  • BoxEnd: The time hour at which the extension of the range box ends;
  • BoxBreakOut_Offset: Is the buffer expressed in pips, above and below the range box;

The buffer zone can be used as a filter to eliminate the false breakouts. While the extension of the range box (the blue box) can be used as a visual representation for when the market will turn inside the range box.

Box Breakout MT4 Indicator – Trading Rules

Since we already established the importance of the breakout during the major sessions like London and New York, we’re going to use the Box Breakout MT4 indicator to visualize the Asia range and we’ll try to capture the breakout of that range. In this regard the default settings which defines the Asia range from 0:00 GMT to 5:30 GMT can be used, but at the same time depending on your preferences the range can be extended all the way to before the London open. Without further ado, this are the trading rules:

  • Entry Rules: For better visualization, we can use the 15-minute chart. Wait for a clear breakout and a separation from the range box then wait for a retest of the range before entering.
  • Exit rules: We’ll use as a profit target a move of at least two standard deviations from the range box;
  • Stop Loss: In the opposite direction of the range box;

Box Breakout MT4 Indicator - Long SetupBox Breakout MT4 Indicator – Long Setup

Here’s another example using the Box Breakout MT4 Indicator trading rule. This time on a short setup.

Box Breakout MT4 Indicator - Short SetupBox Breakout MT4 Indicator – Short Setup

Time Frames
Technically speaking, you can use this indicator for all time frames. However, the shorter the time frame, you will see more fluctuation and possibly more whipsaw which may cause small losses that can eat up your portfolio quickly. We recommend that you use higher time frames like the 4H for better consistency.

Box Breakout MT4 Indicator Download

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Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts on this indicator. If you like this indicator, you might like see other indicators that we have carefully selected that will help you in your trading journey.

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We hope you have enjoyed this post as much as we have creating it. Good luck and thank you for your readership.

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