Cash Camp Review - Is Cash Camp a Scam?

Cash Camp Review – Is Cash Camp a Scam?

Cash Camp is another one of the myriad binary options trading software that claims to make you rich overnight. Apparently the brainchild of a certain Michael Solovsky, Cash Camp is marketed as a binary options signals trading tool that can be used by novice and seasoned traders alike. According to the software, Cash Camp can be used to either trade manually or as a completely automated binary options trading software. Cash Camp claims to offer a live chat room and a social area where traders who use this software can interact with each other. Binary Cash Camp software claims to make you $1,192 and preys on the sense of urgency. The website claims that there are only 2 seats available, which is a false claim. You will always find 2 seats available, in a bid to entice you to sign up.

Cash Camp Review - Another Binary Options Trading Software Scam

Cash Camp Review – Another Binary Options Trading Software Scam

The website also has a countdown timer showing you that time was running out to claim the software. However, the countdown clock automatically resets. It is interesting to note that the markets are always open at Cash Camp, even on a weekend, which is a big red flag for those even considering using Cash Camp. Cash Camp also makes use of the scammer’s most preferred way to build trust. By throwing in logos of Google/Wired/Business Insider among other reputable sites, Cash Camp makes every effort to make you to believe that it is a rather well known and a popular binary options signals software that will make you rich.

Cash Camp Review - The Markets are open on the weekends... surely a bad overlook, right?

Cash Camp Review – The Markets are open on the weekends… surely a bad overlook, right?

In order to claim your spot, you simply have to enter your email address. No sooner that you drop in your email, you are spammed with 4 emails. The Cash Camp scam works on the tried and tested method of enticing you to make a deposit with a binary options broker. It is clear that Cash Camp doesn’t make you rich but is just a marketing gimmick to get you to deposit so that the owners of the Cash Camp are compensated by the brokers for referring customers.

Cash Camp Review – The devil is in the details

While binary options signals software often make use of different marketing tricks to get you to part with the money, not many can hide from the legal requirements. The Risk Disclaimer page reveals a lot more of interesting information.

We find this sentence in the risk disclaimer to be quite an eye opener.


Cash Camp Review – Almost the Perfect Scam

Overall, Cash Camp binary software pretty much ticks off all the boxes that alerts you to a scam.

  • While the website markets on the basis that you can make $1,192 in profits, the risk disclaimer shows that there is no guarantee
  • By depositing with a broker, you are simply making Cash Camp rich rather than the other way around
  • Who is information on the websites, and are hidden by privacy, making it easy for the owner to continue running the scam without and personal ramifications


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