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True market technicians rely heavily on chart pattern analysis and our goal is simplify this advanced trading technique for you.

The Parabolic Curve Pattern – is this the dangerous curve?

The Parabolic Curve Pattern, as the name suggests is a chart pattern that resembles that of a parabolic curve. It is not found that often, thus making it a very rare pattern in the markets. It is also one of the most sought after chart patterns as it signals a reversal in price. Although one […]

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Trading the 4 Types of Price Gaps

Price gaps are a common occurrence in the markets these days. While there were quite rate in the forex markets, that changed over the past few years. Typically one gets to see gaps in the Forex markets on Monday’s open and at times, late into the U.S. trading session or in early Asian trading session. […]

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Ascending Triangle and Descending Triangle Chart Pattern Analysis

The Ascending and Descending Triangle Chart Patterns come under the category of reversal patterns. When these patterns are formed, you can expect the market to breakout from the pattern and post a reversal. This reversal can be either a change of trend or simply a retracement to the prevailing trend. The ascending and descending triangles, […]

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Breakout Trading Strategy Using the Rectangle Chart Pattern Analysis

The Rectangle Chart Pattern is one of the most commonly recurring themes in the Forex markets. As you may know, price tend to move in trends and in between, prices undergo periods of consolidation. This consolidation can take shape in different forms, the rectangle chart pattern being one of them. This horizontal consolidation in price […]

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The Cup and Handle Chart Pattern Analysis

The Cup and Handle Chart Pattern Analysis is one of the most widely recognized chart pattern. Perhaps the Cup and Handle pattern competes quite closely with the head and shoulders pattern. The Cup and Handle Chart Pattern usually takes a long time to evolve and can be used as a continuation pattern. The cup and […]

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The Inside Day Chart Pattern and Trading Strategy

The Inside Day Chart Pattern, also known as the inside bar pattern is one of the candlestick or bar patterns that has the potential for a break out. The inside day or the inside bar pattern might seem similar to the harami pattern that is found in the candlestick charts. This pattern holds its importance […]

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The Island Reversal Gap Chart Pattern

The Island Reversal Gap Chart Pattern is a commonly occurring chart pattern in the stock markets. In fact the name comes from the stock markets as gaps were quite a common phenomenon in the equity markets. However, the island reversal gaps in the forex markets are not that frequent. While gaps in the forex markets, […]

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Chart Pattern Analysis: The Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern

Behind any price action pattern, there is a strong psychological reason that makes it work. A price pattern simply allows us to see in a visual manner the interaction between the supply side and the demand side of the market. In this regard, the Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern is no different than the other […]

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2 Types of Chart Pattern Analysis

Chart pattern analysis can be quite intimidating especially for newcomers to trading. In fact even the most successful chart pattern analysts have spent years perfecting the art. While it might seem simple enough, know that success with chart pattern analysis is directly based on your experience. While it might be easy to get discouraged trading […]

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