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True market technicians rely heavily on chart pattern analysis and our goal is simplify this advanced trading technique for you.

Forex Psychological Levels: Why Do They Work and How to Trade Them!

When trading the markets, you might have heard about the term “psychological level.” If you were wondering what this meant then fret not. Psychological level is a term that is used in the markets when price is approaching a key level. The psychological level is nothing a common round number. For example, if you consider […]

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What is a Trend Line?

Trend lines are probably the most simplest of all methods when it comes to trading with price action. A trend line simply shows you what the current trend is. Depending on the time frame that you choose, the trend lines can differ. There are just two types of trend lines. A falling trend line which […]

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Basic Concepts of Trend Trading

As a trader, you might have come across the term “the trend is your friend.” Trend trading is perhaps one of the oldest and a safe way to trade the markets. Just as there are many different ways to bell a cat, so it is with trend trading as well. You can trade the trends […]

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