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Forex Frequently Asked Questions – there so many questions about Forex Trading that we have this special section to address the most frequently asked questions that we have received.

How Do You Not Lose Money in Forex?

How I became a Consistently Profitable Trader! Forex trading can be simple. From highly volatile markets, the highest trading volumes, leverages and low costs to easy-to-use trading platforms, it attracts both novices and professionals. However, it is shocking to find out that less than a 10% of these traders make substantial profits from the forex […]

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What is a Martingale Strategy?

How I became a Consistently Profitable Trader! Those who apply the martingale strategy will tell you that it is a more sure cheat to gain profits. You heard it right, 100% sure profitability (or is it not?). Do not just start purring around yet. Learn its history and what it is all about and how […]

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10 Ways to Avoid Losing Money in Forex Trading

If you know the rules of this game and play by them, trading can be a very exciting game. A great percentage of retail traders lose money in this game. This is because they neglected the fundamental truth about trading: losing is part of the game — you win some and lose some — but […]

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10 Keys to Successful Forex Trading

Trading can be a very exciting adventure for you but can also be very frustrating. A great percentage of retail traders do not succeed in this game. This is because they neglected some of the key necessary for their success. A lot of factors can determine if you will be among the few that succeed […]

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What Time Frame is Best for Forex Trading?

In time-based charts such as the Japanese candlestick chart and the bar chart, price activity is recorded in specified time units called timeframes. This is unlike the non-time-based charts like the range bar chart and the Renko charts where each price bar represents a specified range of price movement. If you use the bar chart […]

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How to Build Your own Forex Trading System!

You should be aware that forex trading is a game of odds and probability. To get the expected result, you must keep your method consistent. Trading randomly will only cancel out your odds of success. To succeed in trading, you need to have a trading system. While you can buy a trading system, it is […]

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How George Soros Broke the Bank of England

George Soros has been a successful investor. He’s one of those that saw early success in the financial market; having grown his hedge fund, Quantum Fund, to a billion-dollar fund in the 1980s. In 1992, he made history as the man who broke the bank of England when he bet against the success of U.K. […]

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Introduction to Price Action Analysis Trading Strategies

There are different ways and different strategies that you can use to trade the Forex market. Some people use a lot of trend indicators such as ADX, moving averages, etc, to tell them whether the price is trending or not. Others prefer the oscillators, especially when trading a ranging market. Yet another group prefers having […]

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Powerful Jesse Livermore Trading Rules

Jesse Livermore was born in 1877 and by the age of fifteen, he was already working in a brokerage office. He’s one of the greatest stock traders in his lifetime and made millions of dollars trading his own money. He was so good that he was nicknamed the Great Bear of Wall Street and the […]

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Stop Loss Strategies to Protect Your Forex Portfolio

Trading is a game where the best form of attack is to defend. Your first line of attack is to make sure you can trade another day. That means you must defend your portfolio first before seeking huge profits. The only way of defending your portfolio is to have a stop loss strategy you are […]

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