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Forex Frequently Asked Questions – there so many questions about Forex Trading that we have this special section to address the most frequently asked questions that we have received.

What is Trend Trading?

Without trying to make this sound complicated, trend trading is just a simple way of just going with the flow of the market. You can also say trading with the market sentiment. If you can identify and trade with the trend, then trading becomes rather simple because you will always seem to have the wind […]

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What are the Most Common Trend Trading Indicators?

  Have you wondered why trend trading is one of the most popular trading strategies in the Forex market? Following the momentum of the Forex market, traders are trying their level best to enter the market with their utmost expectations by trying out each type of trade. It goes beyond saying that there is no […]

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What is Support and Resistance Zone?

Most seasoned Forex traders use support and resistance. They utilize different ways to determine how to use this mechanism. Support and resistance works where there are aspects of demand and supply. Support in Forex refers to the situation whereby there is stoppage in falling of prices. When the demand for certain stocks is strong enough, […]

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What is a Trend Line and How to Draw a Trend Line?

How I became a Consistently Profitable Trader! A trend line is a line in Forex trading that shows how the current price of stocks heads to. It is drawn slightly under pivot lows or above the pivot highs. In the layman’s language, a trend line is the line of a trend which defines it. Uses […]

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How Do You Not Lose Money in Forex?

While most people believe that forex trading can be based just on a lucky stream, we tend to think that this is not the case, I believe that for you to be successful at forex trading, you have to calculate your every move in order for you to maximize your profits. In fact, word has […]

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Can I Make a Living Trading Forex?

Brokers advertise forex like it is one easy and sure way to financial freedom — the sports cars and the beautiful Caribbean beaches with half-naked ladies. Besides, with that nagging boss of yours, you’re probably wondering if forex trading can be your lucky escape? While it’s true that you can make a living, trading forex; […]

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How to Select a Good Signal Provider

Forex signal providers are firms or traders who regularly analyze the market for favorable trade setups which they send to their subscribers. Subscription is usually on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Some providers’ signals are manual, requiring you to place the trade yourself when you get the signals while others are automated such that […]

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What is Forex MT4 Expert Advisor?

We are in an era where cars will be driverless and airplanes pilotless. Forex trading too is getting ‘trader-less’. Technology has made automation the inevitable future of almost every aspect of life, from automated surgeries to pilotless planes and driverless cars, forex trading surely won’t be left behind. Programs and scripts which you can use […]

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Is Forex Trading Really Just a Scam?

If you’ve ever transacted business in a different currency or bought something from a different country; you’ve engaged in forex trade. Forex is a financial market through which currencies are exchanged. So, forex trading is not a scam. However, there are a lot of scams associated with forex trading especially the retail forex market. Regulators […]

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