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Forex Frequently Asked Questions – there so many questions about Forex Trading that we have this special section to address the most frequently asked questions that we have received.

How the Forex Market Work and How You Can Take Advantage of it

How the Forex Market Work? This is really quite a complex question to answer and there’s more than one answer in truth. In the Forex market, all the main banks quote their prices for the foreign currency. Just like any other market, each bank may quote a different price from another bank. A broker takes all these […]

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Currency Trading Forums

[contentblock id=1] In this video, I’m just going to give you a little bit of a heads-up really about using some online resources such as Baby Pips, Forex Factory, Daily FX, and even OANDA. Now it’s all fair and well having to visit these forums. There are good forums out there like Forex Factory, Daily […]

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Forex Market Hours

[contentblock id=1] In this video we’re going to talk about Forex Market Hours and adopting trading styles as well according to those trading times. Because one of the popular questions that I get is “well, when is the best time to trade?” and “if I trade at this particular point in time what is the best […]

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Projecting Your Earnings

[contentblock id=1] Now in this video we’re going to talk about projecting earnings and achieving them with losses. Now this kind of video goes hand in hand with money management. So let me just give you maybe a little bit more insight on basically controlling your emotions. If you feel panicky and you feel that […]

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Understand Money Management

As far as Forex trading goes, one needs to properly understand how to deal with their money. Most traders lose money in the trading world because of bad decision made mostly by greed and sometimes a lack of foresight. While foresight is a little difficult to get, common sense is not and this is probably the […]

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Understanding Leverage

Typically, brokers are usually willing to offer traders leverage of between 1:1 to 1:200, although many of them are willing to offer a leverage of up to 1:500. Some will even offer their traders a leverage of up to 1:1,000 and more. In essence, using leverage means that you are borrowing money from the market, […]

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Trading with Different Time Frames

Multiple time frame analysis is one of the powerful tools that is used by traders to multiply their probability of being successful in trade while minimizing the risk. This great concept involves observing different time-frames for a specific asset and identifying the overall market direction on the higher time frames comparing it with, the lower […]

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How to use Broker Data

You probably will not be using this but we are going to cover this. This is mainly for more experienced traders who want to create their own automated trading software or otherwise known as trading robots. Only create your own trading robot if you have a working strategy. Otherwise, it will be a waste of […]

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