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In this category, we want to highly on a weekly and month basis Forex News Events that will likely increase the volatility of Major Forex Pairs.

Monthly Forex News Events for EURUSD – Feb 2017

The first month of the new year has brought EURUSD to a new multi-year low which was quickly bought and since then EURUSD exchange rate has been positive. The lackluster December NFP report of only 156k new job added, coupled with extreme dollar bullish bets which acted as a contrarian catalyst has fueled the EURUSD […]

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Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 23rd to 27th Jan 2017

The last week was a bullish week for EURUSD. Traders had to face news events that could have made the pair volatile. However, the pair did not get as volatile as it could have gotten. EURUSD traders have to encounter some high impact news events in the week ahead as well. Let us have a […]

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Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 9th to 13th Jan 2017

EURUSD produced a Spinning top last week. Although there were number of news events that could have given the pair a direction, but that did not happen. EURUSD traders have number of news events to encounter next week as well. Let us have a look at those events and their possible impact on the pair. […]

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Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 2nd to 6th Jan 2017

EURUSD was extremely bearish last year, especially in the last quarter of the year 2016. US election, Fed rate were some of the events that made the pair move with extreme volatility. December closing was important for the pair. According to our calculation, the way that the pair was closed, it seems the pair might […]

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January 2017 Forex News Events that Might Affect EURUSD Volatility

The year of 2016 was indeed the year of major market shocks with many unexpected events and most of these events were political events like Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory. After an unstable and turbulent start of the year 2016, the EURUSD exchange rate stabilized and the bearish trend that started since the 2014 summer […]

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Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 26th to 30th Dec 2016

EURUSD made a bearish spinning top candle last week. It is considered as a reversal signal. However, existent trend suggests it is a continuation pattern. Last week’s unemployment claim was more than the forecast. Thus, sellers of the pair let the pair make an upside correction. I would consider it as a correction since the […]

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Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 19th to 23rd Dec 2016

EURUSD has kept going down for the last 7 weeks after having big consolidation period within the range of 1.04700 to 1.14600. Last week, the pair went down towards the level of 1.03650, which is the lowest since 2002. This means the pair is going down towards parity. The question is would it happen this […]

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