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GBPCHF Free Forex Trading Signals – 12th Dec 2016

GBPCHF has been choppy recently. In fact, the pair has been trapped within an uptrending channel. The range of the channel is not that big, which is a reason that the pair has not been able to offer that many entries for the 1 hourly or 4 hourly traders. Let us have a look at […]

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AUDJPY Free Forex Trading Signals – 8th Dec 2016

AUDJPY has been having an uptrend on the daily chart. The trend still looks strong enough to go further up. We assume that the pair might offer buy entries later today. Let us find out the details how we should deal with the chart to take buy entries on AUDJPY. This is the Hourly chart […]

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EURCAD Free Forex Trading Signals – 7th Dec 2016

EURCAD had a massive sell ride in the last month. However, the momentum seems to be lost a little and things could go other way round. Today, there is a massive news event on CAD as well. This means we might get breakout. This means trading opportunities are about to come on the pair related […]

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NZDJPY Free Forex Trading Signals – 5th Dec Nov 2016

NZDJPY had an excellent bullish journey. As things stand now, we might see a reversal on the pair. Here is why we think there might be a reversal coming. On the 4 hourly chart, there was a bullish trend line, which seems to be broken and held so far. Moreover, there is a double top forming […]

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XAUUSD Free Forex Trading Signals – 2nd Dec Nov 2016

XAUUSD has been very bearish for the last 25 trading days. The journey started from the level of 1320.50 and tested the level of 1160.75. Today, gold has been having an upward correction. This means 4 H and 1H traders are going to keep their eyes to sell gold today. Have a look at the 4 hourly […]

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USDJPY Free Forex Trading Signals – 1st Dec Nov 2016

USDJPY has been having an excellent bull journey on the 4 hourly and the daily chart. We just have had a new month today and the pair still looks good for the buyers. Have a look at the 4 hourly Usd-Jpy chart The pair started its bull journey from the level of 101.680 area and […]

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NZDJPY Free Forex Trading Signals – 24th Nov 2016

We saw some good moves yesterday. What most important is most of the pairs that moved yesterday, kept the momentum and look good today so far as well. As far as I am concerned, today NZDJPY might be one of the pairs that might offer us some buy entries. Have a look at the 4 […]

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GBPUSD Free Forex Trading Signals – 14th Nov 2016

GBPUSD pair showed some strength last week. The way the pair has been having correction on the 4 hourly chart, it seems the pair is getting ready to make another bullish move. Have a look at the GBPUSD 4 hourly chart. The pair has found strong support at the level of 1.23600 last week. Made a […]

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USDJPY Free Forex Trading Signals – 31st Oct 2016

Today, we have a USDJPY Free Forex Trading Signals – 31st Oct 2016. I have been eyeing on USDJPY pair. The pair has been trending up for the last 4 weeks. It has had some corrections, but the trend is still intact. Let’s have a look at the 4 hourly chart of USDJPY below. The […]

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