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In our Free MT4 Indicator Download Category, you will find that we are generously giving away plenty of powerful MT4 Indicators free. Free free to leave us a comment on what other indicators that you would like to see available.

As we progress, we will continue to add new indicators with time. So stay patient with us and keep a look out on this category for more Free MT4 Indicator that you can use in your everyday trading and for different market conditions.  There will be plenty of indicators coming your way. And did we mention that it’s FREE?

yeah… we did. Remember to leave us a comment on your success with these indicators and of course, the MT4 indicators that you would like to see available for your download.

Momentum Reversal Detector Indicator for MT4 | Free Download

Momentum Reversal Detector Indicator for MT4 Increasing Your Win/Loss Loss Ratio When you add the Momentum Reversal Detector Indicator and use it together with a proven trend trading system like the Elite Swing Trader or Simple Trend Trading System, you can only expect to achieve a better win ratio and better risk-reward ratio. Recommended Time […]

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Heiken Ashi MA T3 Indicator for MT4 | Free Download

The Heiken Ashi MA T3 Indicator for MT4 The Heiken Ashi MA T3 Indicator is a custom Indicator that comprises of the Heiken Ashi candlesticks and moving averages. Combining two of the most popular Indicators, the Heiken Ashi MA T3 Indicator plots visually over the price chart and shows trends in a smooth way. The […]

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Trend Reversal Indicator for MT4 | Free Download

The Trend Reversal Indicator  for MT4 The Trend Reversal Indicator for MT4 is an oscillator that is based upon moving averages. The indicator plots continuous lines based on a fast and a slow-moving EMA. The difference however is that this indicator works as an oscillator and sits in the sub-window. When the EMA’s intersect, buy […]

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Half Trend Indicator for MT4 | Free Download

The Half Trend indicator The Half Trend indicator is a custom buy/sell indicator with arrows plotting in the direction of prices. Working as an overlay indicator, the half trend indicator sits on the price chart directly and plots in real-time the price action. Traders can use the half trend indicator as a way to enter […]

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MDZ Price Action Indicator for MT4 | Free Download

The MDZ Price Action Indicator The MDZ Price Action indicator for MT4 is a visual indicator that is built upon the concepts of price action. The indicator can work in any time frame and in any market of your choice. The MD Price Action Indicator, however, creates a lot of visual details on your chart, […]

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Perfect Trend Line Indicator for MT4 | Free Download

Perfect Trend Line Indicator The Perfect Trend Line Indicator is a very simple looking indicator that is overlaid on the price chart. It comprises of two lines, with dots above or below the price, based on the swing high and low points. You don’t have to draw any trend lines using this indicator but depending […]

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Price Border Indicator for MT4 | Free Download

Price Border Indicator The price border indicator for MT4 is a custom indicator that is based on the Average True Range (ATR) indicator. The indicator plots three bands on the price chart and captures the swing reversal points. Depending on the slope of the indicator, traders can identify the trends. Typically, the mid-band is used […]

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Trend Scalp Indicator for MT4 | Free Download

Trend Scalp Indicator is designed to make it easy for the scalpers to identify scalping opportunities without any complicated analysis or indicators. Below is how the Trend Scalper Indicator looks like when you attach to a chart. It will open as a separate indicator window just right below the Forex Price chart. The Trend Scalp […]

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Auto Channel Indicator for MT4 | Free Download

Auto Channel Indicator is a neat indicator that is designed to help you draw reliable trading channels so that you can easily identify solid trading range on various Forex pairs across different timeframes. Channel is one of the more reliable trading tools, which is widely used by financial traders all over the world. in their […]

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Kase Permission Stochastic Histogram | Free Download

Kase Permission Stochastic Histogram Indicator is designed to work on MT4. It produces a BUY/SELL Arrow Signals when the rules are triggered. In the sub-window, the Kase Permission Stochastic Histogram is color-coded to indicate bullish or bearish trends. It’s strongly advisable to use this indicator as confirmation with other indicators for entries and exits. This […]

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