Free MT4 Indicator Download

Free MT4 Indicator Download

Stochastic 3 MT4 Indicator Long Trade Entry Rules

How to Trade with the Stochastic 3 MT4 Indicator

The Stochastic 3 MT4 Indicator is a trading strategy which is based on the popular MT4 Indicator, the Stochastic indicator, to produce reliable buy sell trading signals. For this strategy, a few modifications has to be made to the indicator to get what we want out of the strategy setup. Chart SetupRead More

Daily Pivot Points MT4 Indicator Strategy and Trading Rules

Identify Key Turning Points with Daily Pivot Points MT4 Indicator

The Daily Pivot Points MT4 indicator is an improved version of the traditional pivot points and it is used to determine the most important support and resistance levels in the market. Of course, you probably know, what’s so important about crucial support and resistance levels? If you know key pivot levels,Read More

Trading Signals Generated with the ADX Crossover MT4 Indicator

Trading Signals Generated by the ADX Crossover MT4 Indicator

The ADX Crossover MT4 indicator is an overlay indicator that is applied on the price chart. Working on the same principles as the ADX or the Average Directional index indicator, the ADX Crossover indicator, as the name suggests plots buy and sell arrows when there is there is a crossoverRead More

Murrey Math MT4 Indicator - Buy and Sell Signals

How to Determine Entry and Exit Points with Murrey Math MT4 Indicator

The Murrey Math MT4 indicator displays mathematical derived support and resistance levels that can be very predictive and they are a wonderful place to start when you’re new to trading and still learning how to properly draw your support and resistance levels. The Murrey Math indicator was developed by T.Read More

R-Squared Indicator as a trend confirmation tool

Understanding the Trend Strength with R-Squared MT4 Indicator

The R-Squared indicator, also known as the Linear Regression R-Squared is a technical oscillator that is displayed on the chart’s sub-window. The R-Squared indicator is used to determine the strength of the more dominant market trend that is prevailing by means of quantifying the strength of the trend. Although thereRead More

Kijun Sen Envelope MT4 Indicator Short Entry Rules

Trading Forex Breakouts with the Kijun Sen Envelope MT4 Indicator

The Kijun Sen Envelope MT4 Indicator is a highly profitable strategy (when applied correctly) which trades breakout opportunities in the market. The Kijun Sen Envelope MT4 indicator is made up of three lines which represent three moving averages. Kijun Sen Envelope MT4 Indicator Strategy and Trading Rules The strategy is to lookRead More

Stretch Breakout Channel MT4 Indicator Bearish Trade Example

The Stretch Breakout Channel MT4 Indicator by Toby Crabel

The Stretch Breakout Channel MT4 indicator is a technical indicator based on the opening range breakout strategy developed by famous technical analyst and author Toby Crabel. To define this strategy, we’re basically looking at the high and low price level for a given period of time and usually, that periodRead More

SMI MT4 Indicator Short and Long Trade Example

Avoid False Trading Signals with SMI MT4 Indicator

The SMI MT4 indicator also known as the Stochastic Momentum Index indicator is really a great little tool that can help increase your profitability and grow your portfolio size steadily. Do note that no indicator by itself is going to make you a great trader, there is no holy grail andRead More

Klinger Volume Oscillator MT4

Zone Trading Strategy Made Easy with the Zone Trade MT4 Indicator

The Zone Trade MT4 Indicator is a custom indicator for MT4 built on the concepts outlined by Bill Williams. Williams is known for many indicators, including the Awesome oscillator, accelerator oscillator among other indicators. The Zone Trade MT4 Indicator is designed to keep the winning trades running when the marketsRead More

Klinger Volume Oscillator MT4

Reliable Trade Signals with the Klinger Volume Oscillator MT4

The Klinger Volume Oscillator MT4 was developed by Stephen J. Klinger and it has the same appearance as the traditional MACD indicator, but the difference is that the Klinger Volume Oscillator displays real-time imbalances between buying and selling pressure. This is a volume-based indicator that will help you in bothRead More