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In this category, we go all out to get you the best Global Forex Resources available with the aim of helping you become the trader that you desire and deserve to be. We will include Free and Paid trading services that have proven to be reliable and useful for trader world over.

Developing Your Own Winning Forex Trading Strategy

You may decide to develop your own trading system or you may prefer to purchase one that has already been developed for use and has a proven track record. In this article, we will look at the basics of developing your own trading system. In essence, a trading system is any set of rules that […]

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Is Forex Trading Charts Important in Your Trading Journey

The movements in the price of currency are represented by numerical figures usually accurate to within 4 or 6 decimal places and also in graphical terms with a currency price chart. The pricing chart is mainly used as the essential instrument when performing any form of technical analysis. In order for a trader to increase […]

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How to Select the Right Forex Broker

The most important part of trading starts from right the beginning which is choosing your Forex Broker. Your Forex Broker is your partner and in many ways your banker. If you get the wrong partner from the start, then what would happen to your business venture? Yep… it’s pointless even if your business is profitable […]

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Buy Low and Sell High Using Range Trading Forex Strategy

What is Range Trading Forex Strategy? Range trading is a simple strategy that can be used on almost any financial product although this article is mainly directed to currency pair trading. Range trading is pretty much just as is sounds, find the range that a product regularly trades in, buy low sell high in the […]

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Managing Trading Risk Using Stop Loss

Why Set a Stop Loss? If you would like to know how to be a forex trader then the first thing you must know is that forex products are typically traded on margin accounts with large amounts of leverage, usually anywhere from 50:1 to 200:1 and sometimes as high as 500:1. Leverage can be a […]

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3 Important Ways to Proper Risk Management in Forex Trading

  No forex strategy is 100% profitable. Even professional fund managers are not profitable all the time. We need to embrace losses in our trading; there is now way around it. Learning how to manage them effectively is a prerequisite in order to be consistently profitable. This article will show you three ways for minimizing […]

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The Most Common Type of Technical Indicators and Analysis in Forex Trading

Understanding the price trend in forex trading is crucial in allowing traders decide whether to sell or buy. Technical indicators enable traders to predict and follow price trends. In this article, we will take a look at some of the common technical indicators in forex trading. These technical indicators include: Pivot point analysis Pivot point […]

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Trading Forex with Indicators – Forex Moving Averages

Trading forex with indicators is a little like joining dots and making money when a few lines cross. Simple, straightforward and very transparent, Forex moving averages are the most widely used and arguably the best, forex indicators. These popular indicators are used in conjunction with forex candlesticks to gauge the direction of a current trend, […]

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What Does the March 2017 U.S. Interest Rate Hike Mean for The Markets?

The Federal Reserve announced a much-expected interest rate hike in March, the third increase since December 2015, and added 25 basis points to the Fed’s key rate. The new target range is now from 0.75 percent to 1 percent, with two more rate hikes almost certainly coming by the end of 2016. These developments are […]

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How to Create the Ideal Forex Trading Strategy

It is crucial to the success of any business that it is planned immaculately devised intelligently and executed properly. Any activity which is undertaken without a proper feasibility study and thorough planning is destined to collapse. A proper plan has two parts; what and how, namely what are you aiming at? Set Your Objectives Right […]

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