Cloud Trader Software Review – a Clever SCAM! 

 April 13, 2016

By  Advanced Strategies

When Cloudtrader was launched, we took our time to test this trading software and now here it is… our unbiased Cloud Trader Software Review.  Cloudtrader.co is another feather in the cap when it comes to binary options trading signals scam. The first impression when you land on the website is the rather intrusive sales page which automatically pulls out information based on your IP address. So don’t get alarmed with you see your country being mentioned on the homepage including a map of your city. As with most binary options trading software, Cloud Trader stinks of scam from the word go.

Cloud Trader Software Sales Page

Cloud Trader Software Sales Page – Come On!
Are you gonna fall for this?

From a fictional video to certain elements on the website which are clearly put up to fool you into believing that you can make $1250 per day with the ‘free’ auto trading software which claims to never have a losing trade (which any trader will tell you is next to impossible to achieve) and also begs the question why the seller behind Cloud Trader isn’t making money for himself rather than enticing you to sign up for the farcical trading system and earning a commission in the process.

Cloudtrader – Fake customer testimonials

The picture below shows the blaring signs of scam. There are no real or verified customers to begin with and the Facebook box on the left and twitter box on the right are merely designed to making you to believe that they are actual customer testimonials.

Cloud Trader Software ReviewCloud Trader Software Review Fake Testimonials

Cloud Trader Software Review – Anonymous website information

A quick whois check on Cloudtrader.co shows the website being registered in early March 2016 which means the website is almost brand new! So would you trust such a new website? This should already set off multiple alarm bells for you.

Cloud Trader Software Review - Website InformationCloud Trader Software Review  – Website Information

Cloud Trader Software Review – Members Area

Once you enter your email address and make the mistake of dropping in your phone number, Cloudtrader.co makes use of some very good coding skills. The website makes you to believe that Cloud Trader deposited $50 into your account. While you are unable to do anything until the video is finished, you will notice the so called equity rising to $70 with the video moving in sync convincing you on how easy it is to make money with Cloud Trader.

The fact couldn’t be further from the truth as the website you see is merely well coded that scams you into believe that there are some actual trades taking place. What we discovered was very interesting.

Cloud Trader Software Review - how the scam worksCloud Trader Software Review – How the Scam Works

In the above screenshot we see the fictional win of $45 following an investment of $25. The page shows a EURUSD CALL option with a strike price of 1.13654 and the option rate of 1.1348. The trade opened at 10:27 and expired at 10:28 (60 second expiry).

We compared the EURUSD pricing to a real broker and the results are obvious. The chart below shows a EURUSD 1 minute or 60 second chart, where at 10:27 EURUSD was at 1.1348. However, at 10:28, EURUSD was at 1.135, as against the claims of 1.13654.

Cloud Trader Software Review - EURUSD PriceCloud Trader Software Review – EUR/USD 60 Second Chart

We must admit that it took a bit of time to figure this out and if there was a completely new visitor to the website looking at the data, it would be quite easy to fall prey to the Cloudtrader.co scam. And if you want to try this out yourself, simply hit refresh to see the fake deposit amount being reset back to $50 and another fictional trade being shown.

Cloud Trader Software Review – SCAM!

While it is not surprising to see the number of growing scams when it comes to binary options trading signals and auto trading software, it is quite clear that more and more scam websites are making use of technology to make every attempt to fool you into believing that their trading system service is the best. Let cloudtrader.co continue making their $1250 (fictional) profits per day. You are better off keeping your money in your pocket. If you are serious in looking for an automated income method, check out GPS Robot System.

The Best Automated Trading Software

Now, while we think that DrexelCode.com is a scam and you should not try it, that does not mean that you should stop searching for a good automated trading software. We believe that a decent portion of your portfolio should be handled by a reliable trading program. And in truth, in all our testing and our years of experience as traders, we are truly confident with only one or at most two automated trading software for MT4. If you want to learn more, check out our review for what we think is the BEST Automated Trading Software around.

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