Copy Buffett Software Review - Scam or Legit?

Copy Buffett Software Review – Scam or Legit?

This is our unbiased Copy Buffett Software review on the much talked about trading software. Copy Buffett Software is a binary options signals service which interestingly claims to show you how to make money using the software, approximately $1978 daily with a free trial. The headline grabbing copy is certainly going to entice some if not most who fall for the regular marketing tricks employed. The video on the homepage starts off with a brief introduction to Warren Buffett and also shows a few pictures of some people who are apparently customers who have made a lot of money using this software.

Copy Buffett Software ReviewCopy Buffett Software Review – Sales Page

Before we go into the details of this rather elaborate scam, it would be better to understand Mr. Buffett’s style of investing. And once you understand Warren Buffett’s approach to the market, you will easily see through this scam.

Copy Buffett Software Review – Warren Buffett Investing Approach

Buffett is a long term investor and many traders get it wrong. Buffett doesn’t buy on a Monday and sell by Friday. In fact Buffett is well known among professional trading circles as a value trader and this fact alone tells volumes on Buffett’s style of investing. Buffett invests in stocks where he believes there is long term value, (read as years).

Comparing this to the Copy Buffett Software, it is easy to see the amount of BS the website’s sales video goes into.

Buffett doesn’t trade binary options. There is a difference between NADEX binary options and the regular binary options that you come across. While there is no hard evidence pointing to Buffett not trading binary options, we can certainly say that Buffett definitely does not trade with binary options platforms that Copy Buffett Software partners with and gets a commission when you part with your hard earned money.

Warren Buffett doesn’t make money trading binary options – Even if you did follow Buffett’s investments, unless you made a CALL option on a stock for a 2 or 3 year expiry, chances are that you will actually end up losing money than making money. Secondly, a big limitation is that because Buffett is an investor, you would logically be looking at binary CALL options, which again isn’t the case with the

Buffett is an investor he doesn’t make profits from selling stocks but only buying stocks, limiting binary options trades to make 2 or more years of Binary CALL options

Copy Buffett Software Review – Registering with

After you enter your name and email address you are taken to a registration page, which registers you to You are promptly asked to enter your credit card information and the video on the bottom left corner of your screen makes a compelling presentation and at one point even coercing you into borrowing money while sounding confident that you will be able to repay it back.

The most basic rule for any kind of investment or trading is to only risk capital that you can afford to lose. There are many well documented cases of traders losing their livelihoods including their homes when they ended up trading with borrowed money. This fact alone should alert anyone about the CopyBuffettsoftware scam.

Secondly, there are no document verifications being asked by Meaning that, while it is easy to deposit funds to, you will certainly find it very difficult when it comes to withdrawing any profits.

Copy Buffett Software Review - Easy to Deposit, Difficult to WithdrawCopy Buffett Software Review – Easy to Deposit, Difficult to Withdraw

While we cannot proceed any further in this review to see how CopyBuffettsoftware automates binary options trading, the above mentioned points are more than enough to alert any sane trader from thinking that they can get rich from using The only person getting rich with this scheme is the creators of who get paid a commission every time they refer a customer to

The Best Automated Trading Software

Now, while we think that is a scam and you should not try it, that does not mean that you should stop searching for a good automated trading software. We believe that a decent portion of your portfolio should be handled by a reliable trading program. And in truth, in all our testing and our years of experience as traders, we are truly confident with only one or at most two automated trading software for MT4. If you want to learn more, check out our review for what we think is the BEST Automated Trading Software around.

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