Daily Trader Club Software Review - Should You Get it?

Daily Trader Club Software Review – Legit or Scam?

While we have covered some well laid out and elaborate scams from binary options signal providers that claim to make you rich within a day and go to lengths to make it as convincing as possible, some other similar scams tempt you into the same pit, but end up with miserable mistakes that stink of a scam. The daily trader club is one such scam, but thanks to its sloppy web page and elements, the scam is not hard to miss. Enjoy our Daily Trader Club Software Review and please leave a comment below…

Upon visiting the website, the first thing that catches your eye is the countdown timer on the top right corner of the screen. It is supposed to bring a sense of urgency and is used by marketers to entice website visitors into signing up.

Spare a few minutes on the counter and you’ll see that the counter simply resets time and again. So yes, licenses are not running out and it isn’t even worth your time considering Daily Trader Club.

Daily Trader Club Software Review

Daily Trader Club Software Review – Sales Page

The next big alert from the daily trader club website is the media report sections.

Is it possible that for a website as reputable as Bloomberg, content is published without proof reading? Well, according to the daily trader club website it is possible. Check out the screenshot below.

Daily Trader Club Software Review - Fake Bloomberg Review

Daily Trader Club Software Review – Fake Bloomberg.com Review


When we searched for the articles on Google, there were no articles on the respective websites. Rather, daily trader club merely took some of the articles and twisted it for their own marketing purposes. So in short, there is no Moto Tezuka who made $4 million from Daily trader club and neither is a scam such as daily trader club been featured on CNN Money or Opinion websites.

If you haven’t yet left the daily trader club website, and scrolled to the bottom, make sure to pay attention to the fake facebook and twitter feeds which are simply hard coded into the website and does a nearly convincing job.

Daily Trader Club Software Review - Fake Social Media StreamDaily Trader Club Software Review – Fake Social Media Stream

We signed up to the Daily trader club to see what other interesting things we had in store. As with most binary options scams, you are prompted to fill in your details and you are signed up to BigOption.com binary options trading website. An interesting aspect about BigOption.com website is that whether you sign up from Germany or from Russia, there is always someone who had ‘just made’ a deposit; suspicious, if not stupidly unconvincing to say the least.

After you are signed up to BigOption.com you are then prompted to make a deposit and without doing so it is hard to proceed. The Daily Traders Club happens to be automated trading software for binary options and for a website that has done so poorly in hiding its tracks, no one in their sane state of mind would want to trust their money with a scam such as Daily Trader Club.

Running the usual checks, we notice that DailyTraderClub.co is privacy protected with its IP address located in Lithuania. The domain was registered on March 2016.

Daily Trader Club Software Review - Website InformationDaily Trader Club Software Review – Website Information

BigOption.com Scam

BigOption.com is the binary options bucket shop that Daily Trader Club is associated with. It wasn’t surprising to see that Bigoption.com had a private protection. Furthermore, the website makes it easy for you to deposit money without any verification documents required making it equally hard, if not impossible for you to withdraw your funds, if you do manage to make any money. Secondly an important point to remember is that even if you submit your address, identity documents, there is no guarantee that your data will be dealt with securely, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft.

Daily Trader Club Software Review – How the Scam Works!

Like all Binary scams, this one works the same. First, it has a nice looking sales video that promises the world. Next you have to enter your email to move on to the next page. In the so called member’s area, you are now shown another video explaining how to deposit the $250 as your trading capital to start trading. Once you have deposited your $250, you get access to the “powerful software” that should make you millions. If you do deposit the $250, say goodbye to your money because it’s gone. You cannot withdraw it nor will the software make more for you. It’s gone. So, please do not deposit $250 to even try.

If you really want an automated software that works, then you really should try GPS Forex Robot. We are currently using it and it works like a charm. Best of all, you know it’s legit when it’s fully verified by MyFXBook. Click here to learn more about GPS Forex Robot. 

Should You Join Daily Trader Club?

In conclusion, our review of Daily Trader Club stinks of scam just about everywhere. There are no verified proof of making profits and the fact that Daily Trader Club is associated with a dodgy website such as BigOption.com it is in your own interest not to fall prey to yet another get rich quick scam. Stay away please!

The Best Automated Trading Software

Now, while we think that Daily Trader Club is a scam and you should not try it, that does not mean that you should stop searching for a good automated trading software. We believe that a decent portion of your portfolio should be handled by a reliable trading program. And in truth, in all our testing and our years of experience as traders, we are truly confident with only one or at most two automated trading software for MT4. If you want to learn more, check out our review for what we think is the BEST Automated Trading Software around.

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