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DailyFX Review – One of The Top Forex Websites Around…

dailyfx review

This is our DailyFx Review. It’s an awesome website packed with crucial data that will be important to some of your trading decisions. We use it regularly and suggest that you take a look at it (if you haven’t already done that).

What is DailyFX.com all about?

DailyFX.com is one of the world’s leading free news sources and market research portal for currency traders. The DailyFX portal is owned by FXCM, which is the largest Forex broker based in the United State. The website is enjoying a growing popularity among forex traders as it offers a large variety of content such as forex articles, technical and fundamental analysis, it also provides timely and informative Newsfeed that will keep you up to date with the most recent developments in the forex market. In our DailyFX Review, we will cover the key features of Dailyfx.com. It’s practically quite impossible to cover all features that the site is pretty big. But what’s important to us below…

DailyFX Review – DailyFx Economic Calendar

Among the best features and benefits we can name the very insightful Economic Calendar. The DailyFX Forex calendar provides you with the top scheduled economic data and news events that are market drivers. The DailyFX calendar is easy to read and auto updating in a timely manner so you can act quickly as soon as the economic data hits the market. This will help you not to miss any of the global economic events that can have an impact on the Forex market as well as making a better and informed trading decision.

DailyFx Economic Calendar

DailyFX – Economic Calendar

DailyFX Webinars – Free Forex Trading Webinars

For the less-experienced traders, DailyFX provide you with daily webinars and a live trading room where you can watch the DailyFX experts analyze the market in real time and they provide you with a wide range of topics from educational webinars, technical and fundamental forecast, strategy sessions as well as Q&A session that can enhance your experience.

DailyFX WebinarDailyFX Webinars

You can easily just register for their webinars here…

DailyFX Live Trading Room

And we are regular users of their Live Trading Room. This is really an awesome feature of DailyFX and it’s provided free! Yep…Free! Most other websites charge a hefty recurring fee for access but not there with DailyFX. They are giving away access Free and it’s info packed Trading Room.

Below is an example of their live trading room….

DailyFX Live Trading Room – Example Video

You can easily register for their Live Trading Room Access Here…

DailyFX Free Forex Charts – Interactive Forex Charts

If you’re interested in a user-friendly and easy to use web charting software, DailyFX has by far one of the most useful forex charting interface which is equipped with all the latest technical tools, it’s interactive and last but not least it will satisfy all your needs as a technical trader.

DailyFX Free Forex ChartsDailyFX Free Forex Charts – One of the Best Interactive Charts Available…

You can gain instant access to their Free Interactive Forex Charts here…

How to Trade with DailyFX

Another reason of DailyFX growing popularity among traders is the fact that it addresses the needs of both the technical traders as well as fundamental traders. The DailyFX team of experts have a strong presence on the social media platforms and their authority among experience traders is well known. No matter of your level of experience, DailyFX should be able to supply the information and education to meet your needs related to the Forex Trading as they will cover a large range of topics and they are running around the clock covering the entire four major trading sessions.

Because of the large diversity of products that you can find on DailyFX in order to maximize your use on DailyFX and enhance your experience you should focus your attention just on the area of the DailyFX website that meets your interest. For example if you’re a technical trader you can ignore the fundamentals section and just focus on using the technical analysis section.

Likewise, if DailyFX market commentary isn’t appealing to you, you can always use their interactive Forex Charting tools.

DailyFX Speculative Sentiment Index

Another feature that can come in handy for you may be the which is a powerful tool, that will show you how the other market participants are positioned in the market. The DailyFX Speculative Sentiment Index can provide a glance of how other traders feel about a particular Forex pair.

DailyFX Speculative Sentiment Index

This is a real treat from DailyFX and it’s something that you might surely be able to benefit from it.

Check out their detailed instruction video. DailyFX is really quite awesome!

You can click here for access to their Sentiment Index here

DailyFX has a growing presence in the Forex trading community as beside publishing insightful analysis (technical and fundamental), educational webinars, full-time coverage of the top news events, market forecast it is also constantly launching new features and tools that will help you become a better trader. This concludes our DailyFX Review post and we hope that you will use this website for research and analysis as we know that it’s gonna be a good addition to your Forex resources.

Click here to go to DailyFX. This is their main website. Enjoy…

If you have any comments, we’d love to hear from you. Drop your comments below.

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