Drexel Code Review - Legit Looking Scam?

Drexel Code Review – Legit Looking Scam?

This is our unbiased and totally transparent Drexel Code Review. Want to get rich in a few hours? Drexelcode.com will make you poorer in a few hours! Read the Drexelcode scam review.

Drexel Code ReviewThe DrexelCode.com Official Site

DrexelCode.com is a website that apparently offers binary options trading signals. For the faint of heart, Drexel Code’s rather passive aggressive approach to enticing you to sign up is a rather tempting proposition. In fact while writing this review and signing up to check with DrexelCode.com was a scam or not, the first thing that stood out was the rather seamless functionality with brilliant marketing that can easily make a visitor to the website get quite convinced to drop your email address.

In case you have not seen the sales page of Drexel Code, here it is…

We took the bait and signed up to Drexel Code to see if we could indeed make $10,262 in profits trading binary options within 5 hours as the website claims.

Drexel Code Review Live ProofDrexel Code Review Live Proof

The website is sprinkled with tons of videos claiming to be customer testimonials with each of the videos boasting of how Drexel Code’s signals have made people rich. It seems rather evident that the marketing budget for running this website was quite big going by the DrexelCode.com branded clothes by Cory Drexel and the large cutout of the checks received by the customers themselves.

Drexel Code Review – Highly Suspicious Partners!

Once you drop in your email, you are then enticed to fill in your full name, phone number and email address. This registers you to Binarybook.com, a SpotOption white label binary options broker. A quick cursory check on BinaryBook.com reveals the address “The Apex, 2 Sheriffs Orchard, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 3PP, United Kingdom” is in fact a mail forwarding UK address, a service provided by smallfirmservices.com. You can click on this link to see the readymade addresses that are sold on the website, which is apparently the office address for Binarybook


Getting back to the Drexelcode review, the next step after you are registered is a well created landing page that is branded with Drexelcode.com and Binarybook.

Whois check – Nexus with Binarylabels.com, BinaryBonus.net

An interesting observation we made while reviewing Drexelcode.com was the use of other websites for redirecting you to Binarybook.com. These websites include binarylabels.com and binarybonus.net. A quick whois check on these two website reveals that the sites are run by BOA Elite and Iokun Group, both based out of Israel, not surprisingly. And of course, the whois check on Drexelcode.com and Drexelcodesystem.com are privacy protected.

But here’s something to think about. The FAQ’s on Drexelcode.com states that the service was established in 2011. However, the Whoischeck on Drexelcode.com and drexelcodesystem.com shows the two websites registered only in 2016.

Drexel Code Review WHOIS CheckDrexel Code Review WHOIS Check

Drexel Code Review Established DateDrexelcode.com claims to be established in 2011 – ABSOLUTE LIE!

After you are logged in to the Drexelcodesystem.com page you cannot proceed any further until you make a deposit. When clicking on the Dashboard, you will see the ‘Activate Auto Trading’ option but it is available only after you make a deposit.

Readers need to be cautious here as the website in question is Drexelcode.com while the deposits are made to Binarybook.com Although the website comes with a HTTPS secure connection, there are a lot of warning flags here and it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use your credit card or any other payment option.

Drexel Code Review BinaryBook ComDrexel Code Review – Team up with BinaryBook.com

Within a few minutes of signing up and we thought that the interesting experience was over, we received an email from Optionrally.com with someone by the name of Jason Bentley, a pseudo name of course, with a sales pitch. It is rather evident that the moment you put in your email address, the data would have been sent across the binary options brokers that Drexelcode.com is associated with.

Drexel Code Review - Optionrally comDrexel Code Review – How Did OptionRally.com Get Our Email?

While there is nothing wrong with the spam email, it does bring a lot of questions as to why Optionrally would be associated with such a shady service. We didn’t bother to check up on Optionrally as that would completely sidetrack this review of Drexelcode.com

Drexel Code Review – Should You Avoid?

Going by the initial checks outlined above, it is very evident that Drexelcode.com is a rather nicely laid out scam job that will certain con the gullible. Here’s a quick summary of why we think Drexelcode.com is a scam.

  • Nicely planned sales funnel that will entice you to signing up quickly. DO NOT make the mistake of leaving your phone number
  • Association with com a broker that runs their operations from a ‘Virtual Office’
  • com was registered in 2016 while the website claims to be in operation since 2011
  • You are asked to make a deposit from Drexelcodesystem.com to fund your Binarybook.com account, which is very likely to make your credit card or banking information vulnerable to hackers
  • DO NOT make the mistake of leaving your phone number as the Terms & Conditions clearly state that the information will be shared with ‘Third parties’. You can read more about this here: http://drexelcode.com/terms.php
  • There is no Cory Drexel and neither is there any company by the name of Drexel Code Inc.

The Best Automated Trading Software

Now, while we think that DrexelCode.com is a scam and you should not try it, that does not mean that you should stop searching for a good automated trading software. We believe that a decent portion of your portfolio should be handled by a reliable trading program. And in truth, in all our testing and our years of experience as traders, we are truly confident with only one or at most two automated trading software for MT4. If you want to learn more, check out our review for what we think is the BEST Automated Trading Software around.

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