Trading with a Forex Mechanical Trading System for Results that You Can Replicate

Trading with a Forex Mechanical Trading System for Results that You Can Replicate

A Forex Mechanical Trading System provide traders with precise buy/sell signals (which hopefully is consistently profitable). It’s called Mechanical because it’s supposed to be strictly rule based and regardless news or market sentiment, when all the rules and criteria are fulfilled, a signal is generated and the trade is supposed to take the trade. The trader has to trade whenever a signal is provided by the mechanical trading system regardless of how the financial market is behaving. This kind of a system eliminates all biases and emotions that come in the way of a trader, since the trader is ideally supposed to strictly follow the signals of the system under whichever circumstance.

Trading with a Forex Mechanical Trading System for Replicable Results

Trading with a Forex Mechanical Trading System for Replicable Results

Nowadays, there are very many signal providers who claim that they can provide unbiased forex trading systems. You just have to type “forex trading systems” on your Google search and click go to view the list of the signal providers. Theoretically, these trading systems are advertised in such a way that the trader sees a way by which he or she will be making profits in terms of thousands per week. The signal providers shows the trader the predicted results of these “perfect systems” leaving them swimming in the world of fantasy, “ wow! I can be a millionaire just out of an investment of $5,000”. The trader is even left calculating how long it will take for them to maybe make a million dollars since the system is said to be making several thousands a week.

In reality, some of these trading systems do work. However, the problem is that most Forex traders are not disciplined enough to follow the rules of the trading systems. It is not a must for a trader to purchase trading systems. The trader can actually save his or her money and spend his or her time developing their own trading systems for free. The saved money can ultimately be invested in the trading account.

Also, developing a Forex mechanical trading system is not difficult. The only hard part is following the rules that goes along with the trading system that you have created. Most traders find themselves wanting in this area. Most websites focused their energy on selling trading systems but not many teaches traders how to develop their own Forex mechanical trading systems. What makes traders to continue losing money while using trading systems is the fact that they do not follow the rules of the systems they purchase or buy precisely.

Two goals that a good Forex Mechanical Trading System should accomplish

  1. Have the capability of identifying a trend in the market earliest possible.
  2. Have a way of avoiding whipsaws of the market prices.

Before using the trading system on a real account the trader should first use the system to trade on a demo account for a minimum of two months. This ensures that the trader gets to know how to use the mechanical trading system in his or her real trading account when trading on real money. Although some may depend on the backtesting results, it is always wise to also try the system manually on a demo account. After the trading system has proved to be profitable in the demo account, it can be now used in live trading but with a strict adherence to its trading rules.

Steps of developing a mechanical trading system

  1. Choosing a timeframe.
  2. Looking for forex indicators that will assist in identifying market trends easily.
  3. Looking for indicators that will help in avoiding whipsaws. These indicators are the ones that will affirm the identified market trend.
  4. Define the anticipated risk.
  5. Define the order entries and exits.
  6. Note down all the rules associated with the trading system and stick by them at all times.

Three steps of testing the trading system

  1. Backtesting. Use the system to trade on a previous market price data. While doing this, all the rules of the system should be adhered to and the trade results recorded so as to see if the system is profitable.
  2. If the system has proven to profitable during backtesting, it should then be used in trading in a demo account. This helps in familiarizing with how to use the system when the market is moving. It is not the same as backtesting although some may see it to be similar; it gives the trader the experience while backtesting is done by the computer once all the parameters are set.
  3. If the trading system still proves to be profitable during the demo trading, it can now be used in live trading. However, the trader should strictly stick to his or her rules regardless of whichever market situation.

Trading with a Forex Mechanical Trading System should help you remove all emotions when the market is falling because you know that over a period of time, your set of rules will generate the results that you want.

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