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This is our Review. Just so that we are clear, we are not promoting anything for Forex Crunch but just with the intention of sharing with you the Forex Websites that we use on a regular basis and Forex Crunch is one of those websites that we go to for information almost daily.

We are going to share with you how we use Forex Crunch to get information that might be useful in our weekly and daily trading. Forex Crunch is the prominent website provides simple but reliable fundamental and technical analysis on numerous Forex currency pairs on a daily and weekly basis. It also comprises of Forex news , opinions, software reviews, tutorials for traders and deep insights of the Forex industry. In a word, Forex Crunch is all in all Forex related website intends to help individuals in leaning towards rational trading. It has become a household name among the community of Forex traders as it has won every inch of trader’s faith by virtue of fair and square analysis while most of other Forex forums and websites are deluding traders into their irrational analysis. In consequence, Forex Crunch has obtained the “Best Buy Side Analysis Contributor” in FXStreet’s Best Awards 2016 by popular vote.

Forex crunch is doing yeomen’s service for the newbie traders by the ‘Forex Basics’ section on their website, where beginners are gathering top-notch knowledge on the basics of Forex trading. Forex crunch acquaints traders with the most sophisticated trading related software on their “Forex Software” page. To have market overview at a glance one can access their “Forex Tools” page. “Live Calender” page covers impactful events and indicators from all over the world featured with a nice filter. Forex Crunch also offers two types of subscription options at free of charge. One is for daily content published on Forex crunch and another option is for having weekly and monthly outlooks at the start of the week.

The layout of the Forex Crunch is highly professional and entirely responsive. The logo is creative and resilient. The slogan “Trade Forex Responsibly” placed below the logo perfectly summarizes the objective of the website. Navigation style provides easy access to important web pages .Home page contains layouts of all the recent articles with their featured images. So it is easier to navigate to the desired article from the home page. Every page highlights the latest published content at top of the header section to lure audiences towards it. The loading speed of the pages is also great.

I visit this website everyday on look out for outlooks on my desired instruments. It helps me to capture the intraday bias. I draw the significant levels mentioned in the forecasts, on my technical chart and try to harmonize my own analysis with the forecasts of Forex Crunch. I pursue the articles of Yohay Elam regularly .The way he illustrates market outlooks is just awesome. One will get both fundamental and technical market overview following the daily and weekly forecasts of Yohay Elam. Undoubtedly, he is a man of letters. I listen to his weekly podcast “Market Movers” regularly on Forex Crunch to acquire clear idea about overarching macro economics. Also Yohay’s video representations on daily outlook help to better understand the daily analysis.

Gregor Horvat’s Elliott wave analysis has added a great value to Forex Crunch. He perfectly detects market cycles and forecasts market trends by identifying highs and lows in prices and market momentum.

Forex Crunch publishes weekly forecasts on six currency pairs and also on major events for the upcoming week on Friday of the ongoing week.

One of the must read content in this website to me is the Anat Dror’s ‘Forex Weekly outlook’ on major events .He offers a profound and in-depth fundamental analysis on each and every major event of the upcoming week .Each events is covered with an interpretation about its potential impact on the market. He also illustrates the market synopsis of preceding week in his article.

Kenny Fisher, senior writer of Forex Crunch is one of the pre-eminent analysts in the field of Forex industry. He writes regularly on different impactful economic news in “Opinions” section. He provides a complete guide on how to trade a specific economic event describing five feasible scenarios of data outcome in his opinion articles. Kenny Fisher also writes weekly forecast articles on GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY and USDCAD in Forex Crunch on a regular basis while Yohay Elam writes weekly forecasts on EURUSD and NZDUSD. Both of them nicely describe the fundamental and technical parts and later come to the conclusion about the weekly bias. Readers will get comprehensive idea about the current market situation and expected market behavior in upcoming week after reading the weekly forecasts.

I access the “Live Calendar” section of Forex Crunch everyday to be updated on daily economic events .I prefer that economic calendar to other economic calendars as it is easier on the eyes and more resourceful too .

Forex trading is a risky business as the level of uncertainty is too high in this business. It is not easy to sustain in this business for long time as one’s trading career can be nipped in the bud due to lack of proper tutelage. Beginners need to study quality books and articles to grasp the fundamentals of Forex trading before jumping in this business. They can read the articles placed in “Forex Basics” and “Tips for Forex Trader” sections to build a solid base. Forex Crunch intends to help traders in the regard of trading responsibly. Reading daily and weekly forecasts and opinions of Forex Crunch regularly can help traders to understand the market contexts. I recommend everyone to experience Forex Crunch and I strongly believe it will bring positive improve on your daily trading.


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