How Do You Not Lose Money in Forex? 

 January 15, 2019

By  Advanced Strategies

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How Do You Not Lose Money in Forex?” width=”800″ height=”533″/> How Do You Not Lose Money in Forex?

While most people believe that forex trading can be based just on a lucky stream, we tend to think that this is not the case, I believe that for you to be successful at forex trading, you have to calculate your every move in order for you to maximize your profits. In fact, word has it that an estimate of 96% of startup foreign exchange traders get frustrated and quit! For foreign exchange trade, it is as easy to lose money as is it is to gain lucrative profits! We have done all the work for you and have come up with some of the things that might make you lose money while trading.

How I became a Consistently Profitable Trader!

Things to Consider to Avoid Losing Money in Forex trade

Some of the things that you might actually need to consider to be able to make it big in the foreign exchange market are

Low Startup Capital.

While trading with a low amount of capital can be a good idea because of the leverage that the forex market offers, it might also pose to be a little too risky for you as a trader. Some forex marketers may advise you to trade large lot sizes with only a small amount of capital, while this may generate a good income in a short term, in the future you may suffer lots of losses. Be sure to only trade with an amount that is equal to your amount of capital to avoid incurring huge losses in the future.

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Lose Money in Forex?” width=”1138″ height=”493″/> How Do You Not Lose Money in Forex?


Most traders start the practice with an intention of either becoming wealthy or getting out of debt. What I can say though, is that for you to be successful as a trader, you need to come up with a concrete plan and strictly follow it to the latter. If you put your feelings into consideration, especially when the market may show some negative changes, then you’re definitely putting yourself u for failure! The best plan of action would be to be disciplined and follow the plan you had in mind from the word go. What can also be applicable is what we can term as indecisive trading. For instance, say you open trade and it does not start gaining profits straight away and you decide to reverse it only to realize later that there is a change in that particular trade and it seems more profitable. Will you change again and open the trade? No, the wise thing to do is start a plan and stick to it.

Risk Management

Every business is risky or has its own risks. But what is a businessman if he is not willing to take certain risks for the business. For you to be a successful entrepreneur in any trade, you have to be willing to take in the lows and the highs. In this case as good as it sounds for you to want to make more profits, it is not logical for you to trade in all that you have to an extent which your capital is depleted. What you can do instead, is try placing stop-loss orders and after earning a decent amount of profit, you can move your orders. Another thing that you can consider as well is using lot sizes that are well, comparable with your account capital.

Buying systems

If you’re new in the trade, you will definitely want to look at systems that will help you gain profits almost immediately. The thing is, you have to be very careful because some forex marketers will definitely lure you into buying systems that will prove not to be profitable over time. The best way for you to go about this is starting the trade from absolute scratch this way you will slowly earn how to gain and maximize your profits. Or you can also hire other traders to trade for you.

Knowledge of the market

You definitely would want to know what you’re exactly putting your money into. The problem with a lot of startups is the fact that they rarely do the due-diligence of the market, yet this is a very important fact to consider. Knowledge of market trends and perhaps chart patterns can also go a long way in making sure that you will become a successful foreign exchange market trader.

Market swings

The term market swings can be basically used to refer to the change in the market patterns that is the highs and the lows of the market. Some traders can get emotional over the amount of money that they could potentially lose or gain. So you might find yourself moving from one market trade to another. This can be detrimental especially where you as a trader do not have a large amount of capital, you may find that in the long run, you have depleted your capital. Be sure to be a wise trader, do your due-diligence, check the market trends and make sure to use every good opportunity that comes your way.

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