How I became a Consistently Profitable Trader 

 January 1, 2019

By  Advanced Strategies

I could not help but think back on the years of pain and struggle as a trader. The journey to become a profitable trader was not easy but at the same time, it’s really not as difficult as you might think. It was just a few years ago, I was still struggling to generate even $500 per month consistently. It was a case of roller coaster ride not just in profitability but in emotions.

Traveling Around with World with my Heidi

Some months I would be really quite happy with my performance and in some months, I would be depressed as I struggle to keep my profits. Back then, I remember having countless nights of stress just monitoring the markets. And the most painful part of trading was the struggle of losses and yet in front  of the family, I had to act as if it’s all good. I do that because I do not like to take work worries back to the family and I do not ever want my kid, Heidi, to ever worry about money nor feel inadequate in any way. I do not want her to have my insecurity while growing up. I want her to always feel abundance and to know that there’s always enough to go around.

I smiled often to Pretend that Everything is Under Control.

So most of the time, I would really just put on a smiley face and pretend everything is cool when everything is falling apart. That’s my biggest emotional challenge in my journey and I really could not confide in anyone else. Once, I tried talking to my Wife about this and the only advice that came out from her is that we need to find something more stable. Her solution was to go back to the corporate world where I will have a sure income stream in the form of my salary. The thought of that was really just so depressing for me.

The next person I confided to was my own Father. Being a supportive father, he tried to give his support. But when he found out how much money I was losing or not making, he also subtly suggested that I should go back to my Six Figure a year corporate job. They are all supportive and full of concern but unfortunately, going back to building other people’s dream was not what I wanted in my life. I have my own dreams. I want to build my own dreams. Only when I have passed this test of my own… then I can provide guidance to Heidi. Without me going through this difficult challenge, how am I suppose to show my kid the way?

I had my mind blown
I had my mind blown and learnt to accept new ideas

In just a short 3 years, things have changed quite quickly for me when I met another trader who unlocked the SECRET to Consistent Profitable Trading for me and MINUS all the stress that I used to have. There were new challenges but it was much easier. He showed me the world of automated trading. He changed everything I believed wrong about it. He even showed me that even supposedly DOOMED strategies like Martingale strategy can be turned into profitable strategies if I know how to do it. It was a complete PARADIGM shift for me. Up to that point, I shut out all possibility of Algorithm Trading but he showed me it’s possible to become an even more systematic trader. And the only way is to have completely strict controls through the use of Expert Advisors.

How things have changed so quickly for me when I think back. These days I have the privilege and leisure of running my Free Trade signals service and also copy trading service. The main trick that helped me in becoming a consistently was really to automate my entire trading. I have turned myself from a manual trader into a Automated Trader. This was really the key to my transformation.

My Portfolios that's linked to MyFxBook
My Portfolios that’s linked to MyFxBook

I don’t share this with the intention of showing off. It’s not me. I show this to you to share what’s possible and what has transformed my results from mediocre to what I feel are respectable ROI % especially when it’s 99% on full auto-pilot.

I had to Make Myself Dispensable.

The main goal that I have is to make myself dispensable from my trading and the only way to do it is either to hire someone good enough or through automation. I chose automation as I don’t think Human beings are reliable traders. I know because I was not that reliable as a Manual trader.

These are mostly automated strategies that work with or without me.
These are mostly automated strategies that work with or without me.

I don’t even look much at portfolio these days except for about 10 minutes a day on MyFxBook to get an overview of all my accounts. Each account is managed with a different strategy and each strategy is automated with a well designed EA that has survived my robustness test. I will continue to work on new strategies and will continue to diversify so that my portfolio become even more robust.

So now you might ask… how do you become a consistently profitable trader?

Well, you can go through what I have gone through and take a few years to learn how to trade and then learn how to build strategies or you can just tap into what I have already built. You can take a look at my MyFxBook portfolio and tell me that you want to copy that portfolio. I would be open to that.

2 existing offers that I already have out there now is my trusty MT4 Expert Advisor that I call The Profit Taker. If you follow the strategy and user guide, you will have plenty of success and consistency with it. If you don’t, then you will still lose money. I I have shared and even showed how to use it correctly, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Use it wisely.

Another shortcut to Consistent Profitable is to copy all my trades from a portfolio that I call RealTimeForexSignals.com. You can take a look at the performance of this portfolio and decide if this is for you. If it’s not for you now, it’s ok. Keep a watch on it. You might join one day… who knows, right?

Anyway, leave a comment below if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer all for you. I wish you well and the very best in your trading journey. As for me, my journey just started as well and I have plenty to continue learning. The most important thing now is to grow at a steady pace with minimal drawdown.

Until the next post… next video… we will chat again.

Have fun in your own journey. You gotta find ways to be grateful in this journey… win or lose.

It’s the only way to keep sane.


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