How Risky is Forex Trading? 

 January 8, 2019

By  Advanced Strategies

How Risky is Forex Trading?
How Risky is Forex Trading?

Goodies have their merits. But that said, it doesn’t mean that there are no risks involved in acquiring them. Placing that context in Forex Trading will tell you that however much there are uncountable advantages matters this trade, it best suits risk takers. You need to be prepared psychologically before you start this gigantic financial market globally. That way, you let your mind to invest only what you can lose affordably. Some of the risks encountered by Forex traders include:

  1. Unpredictability in currencies

High volatility defines currencies. Different factors influence the net worth of individual currencies, time being kept constant. The two topmost are Economic and political factors.

The risky nature of Forex Trading starts when the values of the famous currencies like the USD, GBP, JPY or AUD lower. These are tough times for the traders as they either incur a loss or stop the trade for a while.

  1. Pre-trade changes

Since Forex Trading happens typically within 24 hours, exchange rates may change before the exact time elapses. That causes an exchange rate risk, which generally occurs at the beginning and settlement of a forex contract.

  1. Changes in currency values

This is a risk worth causing an alarm for any forex trader. For example, the rise in interest rates in a specific country strengthens the assets of that country. That way, the currency becomes stronger hence giving the traders huge profits. It is in the contrary, where the interest rates lower. If there are investors in that country, they’ll start making more withdrawals than deposits. There will undoubtedly be a loss among that particular nation’s traders– a huge one in that case.

  1. Fixed exchange rates

These happen majorly among the third world countries. The risk in waiting occurs this way: the Central Bank has a hand in the valuation of any country’s currency. So, if the exchange rate is fixed, there’s nothing else which can be done apart from watching the effects of these rates on Forex.

No real investor wishes to make any loss. If they see the value of any currency lowering as compared to where it was moments ago in the fixed exchange rate of currencies like the USD, the only option left is to make withdrawals.

As more assets withdrawals are done, the value of that country’s currency, in the long run, keeps on lowering. This is a risk which in turn can subject the Forex traders in that particular country to losses.

  1. Leverage

Sometimes, the actual price can move in an absurd direction. That means if the trader has high leverage, it may harbor losses when a comparison with the initial deposit amount is compared.

The same case applies to when low leverage is involved. A loss can be incurred as well, and make the trader lose all the initial deposit.

  1. Online scams

Internet scams are somewhat rampant these days. As you browse through the net, you can come across companies promising fortunes within a week, a month et cetera. But wait, Forex Trading is not a get-rich-scheme or a gamble.

This trade is risky, and don’t let fake promises lure you into dumb imaginations.

  1. The bankruptcy of the other party

This is a heart-breaking risk. You may have done your best to let your trade work your way. Unfortunately, the trader, on the other hand, maybe bankrupt or decide to default in making the payment. A loss on your side, right? This makes Forex Trading even more risky for the trader, whether a veteran or a newbie.

  1. Disorderly management

The trading broker may have a weak management team. The business you are about to conduct is exposed to operational risks, which you have no control about. It is ideal to do your due diligence before engaging any business to perform the trade business with.

  1. Callous brokers

You may encounter a broker who doesn’t have you in mind. The experience is nasty, especially when you land into the hands of unregulated brokers.

Having a regulated broker can, in turn, curb you from landing into uncalled risks like bankruptcy or defaulting of your winnings.

  1. Longer approval time

This is a minor risk as it rarely happens.

A trader (let’s say a newbie trader) may make a deposit and realize some profits. Then, decide to withdraw their money. The Forex Broker may delay in approving the withdrawal transaction. This is a risk which each trader may be prepared for. But, taking a little more time to accept any sort of trade shouldn’t in any way be considered a scam.

Final line

Forex Trading is not a bed of roses. Before you commit to becoming a full or part-time forex trader, you need to master the needful details and ready to invest what you can afford to lose.

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