How to Copy Top Traders in MyFxBook 

 June 27, 2016

By  Advanced Strategies

This is a secret that most traders do not even know. And we are going to reveal it in this article today. How to Copy Top Traders in MyFxBook? Most traders out there do not know that there is any easier way to start making money in Forex even if they do not possess the ability and skills to make money on their own. These are typically new traders who do not know that technology has made it possible for them to just skip the hard work of learning how to trade and just jump straight to copying Warren Buffett or George Soros (if these legendary traders allows their accounts to be copied). Of course, the ultimate goal in your trading journey should be to learn how to trade and be independent as a trader (here’s the best trading course available to learn). However, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to learn and at the same time watch how really good traders make their trades and at the same time, you profit together with them? That would be a dream, wouldn’t?

How to Copy Top Traders in MyFxBook - Select a Portfolio with Steady Growth
How to Copy Top Traders in MyFxBook – Select a Portfolio with Steady Growth

So How Do You Copy Top Traders from MyFxBook?

Actually, that is something already possible. Yep! It’s here and it’s real, in case you did not know about it. You can now copy any trader from MyFxBook.com with ease. So, here’s a little introduction on MyFxBook – MyFxBook.com is an automated analytical tool for traders to use and to track their trading performance. But it has now also evolved to the point that you can copy trades by other more successful traders with ease (of course by paying a minimal subscription fee).


As an example, you can now copy ALL our trades into your MT4 platform through MyFxBook. MyFxBook has made it easy for you to copy any good trader. In fact, you can do it in 3 simple steps.

How to copy top traders in MyFxBook in 3 Simple Steps below…

Step 1: Open Your Free Account – Click here 

How to copy top traders - step 1
How to copy top traders – step 1

Step 2: Connect Your Account to the System

How to Copy Top Traders - Connect Your Account
How to Copy Top Traders – Connect Your Account

Step 3: Complete the Billing Details and start copying our trade results from this account.

If you are serious in building a long term portfolio, then perhaps it’s time you can hire us to trade for you. Click here to view our live verified account.


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