How to Install tpl file or Forex Trading Template in Your MT4 Platform

If you have a trading template (it’s the one with the tpl extension), you have to install into your MT4 trading platform before you can correctly use it. So here are simple steps that you can follow to install your trading template into MT4.

Step #1: Copy the .tpl file
Locate the .tpl file and right click to copy it.


Step #2: Open Your MT4 Trading Platform and Click File and then “Open Data Folder”

At the top menu, click on File and then select Open Data Folder.



Step #3: Select Templates

When your windows explorer is launched, select Templates and paste your tpl into this folder.

Step #4: Go to your MT4 Platform and Load the Template

In your MT4 trading platform, go to the top menu, select “CHARTS”, then select “TEMPLATE” and then select “LOAD TEMPLATE”

You should see your newly installed template in this window. Select your template file and attach it to your MT4 platform. Enjoy trading.




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