Ichimoku Kinko Hyu and Chande Momentum Oscillator MT4 Expert Advisor

- Fully Optimized for AUDUSD

A Fully Functional Automated Solution at Wholesale Price!
Not even a catchy name for this as we are just letting it go at wholesale price.

Hey Traders:

So you want to start trading Forex profitably?

That's great! Because I'm going to show you right now how to do it.

You're probably on this page for one of three reasons:

a) You're new to Forex and want to learn more.

b) You know a little about Forex and are ready to trade for real using a profitable strategy.

c) You have tried Forex - but you are not happy with your results so far.

Whichever of the above best describes where you are with your trading...you have now landed in the right place!

Without resorting to any sort of hype or fakery I am going to show you a simple strategy that will allow you to make money trading the Forex market (almost) every day...

You probably already know that Forex is the largest market in the world - where trillions (that's right, not billions, but TRILLIONS) of dollars change hands every day.

Because of the size of the Forex market you only need to capture a tiny fraction of what is available to start making some serious money.

I am going to show you a really, REALLY simple trading strategy that can allow you to make more money before you go to work on Monday morning... than you will make during the entire rest of the week!

But I'm going to warn you now... I'm not going to give you hype. I'm not going to try any sort of marketing "tricks" (Hell, I don't even know any - I'm a trader, not some young internet marketer).

In the last few years there have been some "questionable" Forex products on the market - some have simply been over-hyped while others have been outright scams.

For this reason the Forex market generally has a bad name on the internet.

Too many new traders have fallen victim to devious internet marketers - not to mention blatant fraudsters!

It's Not Your Fault...

It's not the fault of the hopeful traders who buy their products.

The Forex market can be a daunting place to new traders and so when first starting out it is almost impossible to know who to listen to. It is a real shame that there is such a negative view of the Forex market.

The Forex market is a very legitimate way to earn an extra income.

Thousands of traders do it. You may be approaching the Forex markets as a way to earn extra money - or your ultimate goal may be to become a full-time trader.

Whatever you want to achieve in Forex...

I have simplified profitable trading for you!

Many people see the Forex market as some sort of wild beast that can't be tamed.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

I am going to reveal a strategy to you and PROVE the Forex market can be traded simply, easily, and most importantly - profitably.

There is no extra knowledge required (I provide everything you need).

You don't need any "fancy" indicators (I have automated my strategy for you - so there's nothing to learn anymore!).

Many new traders pay thousands of dollars for courses and seminars on how to trade.

There is nothing wrong with that... IF you get the value that you paid for!

Unfortunately most of the courses out there usually can't justify the high price-tag.

Almost all the courses spend most of time on the real basics.

The problem is... most new traders know a good amount of the basics already.

These traders end up paying for something that they already know!

I am going to share with you one of my PROVEN strategies with you...

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and Chande Momentum Oscillator MT4 Expert Advisor for AUDUSD

The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and Chande Momentum Oscillator MT4 Expert Advisor specifically designed for AUDUSD

The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and Chande Momentum Oscillator MT4 Expert Advisor is a fully developed automated solution for traders who like to enjoy portfolio growth the stress-free and handsfree approach. We developed this automated solution specifically for H1 time frame. This MT4 EA is optimized and ready to use out of the box for AUDUSD only.

When we develop any Expert Advisors, we develop it with 2 things in mind.  Because of we are traders as well, we know how important it is to have a reliable solution that provides Steady Portfolio Growth and without the wild swings. Trading should never be exciting for us and it should not for anyone serious in growing their wealth over the long run. 

Another thing that is important to us when we automated proven strategies is we aim for low drawdowns. We use these EAs on our portfolios as well and it's really something that's only logical. Large drawdowns cause our hearts to skip many beats and we don't like that. We assume you are the same....

This is our wholesale Price of $37 (without the source code)
If you would like to whitelabel or resell under your own brand name,
then you will need the source code.
The instructions are inside after your purchase...

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and Chande Momentum Oscillator MT Expert Advisor

No Refund Policy. If you are unsure, please do not purchase...


While there are many different strategies out there... we are a FIRM believer that you should have multiple EAs with different strategies on different Forex Pairs running in one portfolio. This EA should not be the only Expert Advisor running in your portfolio. This should be one of the many EAs in your portfolio. Give us a little time and we will release more proven EAs (at wholesale price) that you can incorporate into your portfolio to make it one heck of a robust MT4 account.

      • Simple Straight Buy and Straight Sell Order - executed when the stringent criteria is fulfilled
        Most of the time - you will be in cash position which makes it possible for us to implement multi strategy approach in our portfolio.
      • No Martingale or progression of any kind ( this option we left it there for you to test)
      • Low Drawdowns (Not More than 30% Drawdown for our Automated Trading Solution)
      • Scalable to Exploit the Power of Compound Interest
      • 0.01 lot recommended for every $200 (you can use multiple EAs that is developed by us in one portfolio)

We Tested this Thoroughly!
(Jan 2016 to Dec 2016)

The strategy test is with the starting lot size of only 0.05 lot. 

Summary of the Backtest for Full year of 2016...

  • Nett Profit of $164 or a annual return of 16.4% on full autopilot
  • Most of the time in cash position - 53 trades for the year
  • High Win Ratio of 83%
  • Absolute Drawdown at a low $109
  • Maximum Drawdown at $129 or 12.73%

Please remember that although the returns might not sound impressive at 16.4%... it's because we used only 0.05 lot for all trading so that we have room to include other automated strategy to increase our portfolio robustness. If you want to use higher lot size at 0.2, then the ROI is at an impressive 65.6% for 2016 (but that's not our recommendation). Our recommendation is strategy and forex pair diversity.

​What You Can Expect from this Solution... 

  • This Expert Advisor works only on MT4. It does not work on other trading platforms.
  • You should see an average of  1 to 2 trades per week... this is a pretty silent EA which is going to be part of multiple strategies in one portfolio.
  • Fully automated entry and exit so that you can become a relaxed trader that actually have a life
  • Low Drawdowns
  • No stress and no excitement - just steady portfolio growth with time

The BIG Question... Are You Really Ready to

Watch Your Portfolio GROW?

You will finally free yourself of indicators and start trading with the professionals.

One of the greatest things about the the strategy is that there is absolutely no experienced required.

The strategy is easy for everyone to understand - and I go out my way to make sure that you understand every little detail.

I want you to succeed. This is why I want to share my trading strategy with you.

I am a trader first and foremost and so I'm not going to do some sort of "hard sell" on this Expert Advisor.

I know a lot of traders, both new-comers and old-timers, and know inside-out the problems that traders face.

Particularly new traders.

When starting out trading the information on Forex can be overwhelming.

There are people climbing over each other trying to get to your attention.

These people are real traders, fake traders, brokers, internet marketers and just plain scammers.

These people are trying to sell you systems, courses, advice, tips, signals, robots, auto-traders, black-boxes, brokering services, ... the list is endless!

There is just so much out there. Ask yourself...

Ask Yourself...
What Do You Really Want From Trading?

You're not learning to trade Forex to become a millionaire overnight are you?

You, like most new traders, are hoping to attain additional income to your job.

But you secretly hope that you can quit your job in spectacular fashion and become a full-time trader.

Well I am going to tell you the truth here. This IS possible.

I know plenty of people who have done it.

But more importantly I know HOW they have done it.

Like I've said before, the market is not some big, scary animal you need to try and tame.

By having a simple, solid and proven strategy to trade Forex you can do what you've always dreamed.

Having a solid trading strategy is all you need.

I am here to teach
YOU such a strategy.

This is one of those strategies that many people have managed to trade well enough that they were able to finally quit their mundane jobs.

I need to get serious here now...

How much longer are you going to continue throwing your hard-earned cash at Forex products that promise the world but fail to deliver?

Listen, you only have so much time on this earth, it's time you took a step back and look at where you are in your trading.

You're not getting the results you want, right?

You're jumping from system to system.

You're not sticking with anything for very long.


I know why... The results you're currently getting are not consistent.

The systems and methods you are using are not good enough for you to be confident in them.

If you're ready to take your Forex trading seriously then I can help you.

But you have to be ready for a strategy that works.

The previous systems and methods you used, more likely than not, were not solid.

They may have worked - but if they have periods where they result in lots of losses - they are impossible to trade.

Fully Tested and Fully Optimized for You to trade on AUDUSD - 1 Hour Time Frame

Stable and Consistent

Consistent Growth with low drawdown

High Win Ratio

In our testing of 1 full year, this solution has produced an impressive high win ratio

Steady Portfolio Growth

Watch your portfolio grow steadily every month without any manual interference

No Complicated Setup

You will receive an EX4 file and you just need to install this into your MT4 folder. Step by Step Instructions provided.

Best to Run on VPS

For uninterrupted trading, you really should be trading on a VPS so that you do not need to turn your home computer on 24 hours a day

Always Working For You

While you might be in cash position most of the time, our solution is always on the lookout for the next high probability trade for you.

You Will Absolutely Love this!

Steady Growth with low drawdown and no manual trading is what we do for our own portfolio and now you can too!

Wholesale Pricing

We developed this solution and did not even rename it with a catchy name because we just want to keep the price low...at wholesale. Our aim is to become the largest wholesale developers of profitable trading solutions.

Source Code

When you purchase this solution, you can the right to further invest in the source code...if you know how to sell this online...then this becomes a gold mine for you. We develop it and you repackage it and resell for higher price.
Instruction for MQL4 file is inside this purchase.

Are You Ready to watch your Portfolio GROW?

Invest in your trading tools and watch your portfolio GROW!
Get the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and Chande Momentum Oscillator Expert Advisor AUDUSD

This is our wholesale Price of $37 (without the source code).
One Time Payment!

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and Chande Momentum Oscillator MT Expert Advisor

No Refund Policy. If you are unsure, please do not purchase...

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