April 15

iMACD and Accelerator Oscillator Indicator

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In this video tutorial, we will combine the iMACD and Accelerator Oscillator Indicator.

The iMACD is very similar to the MACD only that it uses the MACD lines (red and blue) to form it’s very own Histogram.

As a general rule for the MACD and even the iMACD, when the Histogram is above the Zero level, then it’s buying territory.

And if the Histrogram is below the Zero level, then it’s selling territory.

As for the MACD fast moving and slow moving lines, every crossovers is an indication of a trend reversal.

That’s the basic rule of MACD and it’s proven to work quite well.

But sometimes it does provide False signals... which is the reason why we want to combine it with another indicator for confirmation.

So let’s make this simple…

What we want to see is the iMACD Histogram is above the Zero level which the buy zone.

And if you are using the MACD Indicator, then we want to see the lines moving above the Zero level.

And we seek confirmation from the Accelerator Oscillator to confirm the buy signal.

What we want to see from the Accelerator Oscillator is that it is also moving pass the Zero level.

Now sometimes this might not happen together.

So we can give some allowance of perhaps 3 sessions for both to move into the buy territory.

I suggest not more than 3 sessions as we might be too late into the trend.

So it’s best to see it both move above the Zero level but when it does not align together, then an allowance of not more than 3 price sessions can be considered.

It’s best to have both these indicators on your currency pair and then observe past patterns and see if you can have a make a profit using this strategy before moving into real trading and real money.

This is a good strategy but requires some patience… like ALL other strategies.

Just know that you do not need to be always in the trade.

Sometimes… no… many times, it’s best not to trade.

We just want to wait for the best setup before we get into position.

If you are in a cash position, you can never lose… so wait for the right setup.

Good luck with this strategy and see you in the next video….


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