iMACD and Moving Averages Indicator 

 May 5, 2015

By  Advanced Strategies

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In this video tutorial, we will combine the iMACD and Moving Averages Indicator for a powerful buy/sell strategy.

This is a straight forward strategy as the Moving Average Indicator is quite easy to use and can also be used with smaller time frames.

But we prefer to have use the 4-H time frame.

That’s our personal preference because we do not like to be glued to the computer all day long.

So let’s get on with the tutorial.

What we want to see is the 3 MA lines crossover and we want to see the price to be close to the 3 MA lines.

We do not want to get into position when the price is way above the crossover point.

That’s because we do not want the trend to be overextend.

We want to get into position at the start of any trend reversal.

Next we look for confirmation from the iMACD Indicator and what we want to see as confirmation is the iMACD also have a crossover at the same time.

Of course, we can provide an allowance of not more than 3 trading sessions.

If you can follow these rules, then trading becomes mechanical and should take away plenty of emotions.

Let’s summarize this for long positions.

1. 3 MA Lines crossing over.

2. Price trending upwards but not far away from the crossover (subjective but seriously, don’t let be it too far away).

3. Crossover (Blue over Red) at the iMACD Indicator

It’s the same for Short Positions.

1. 3 MA Lines Cross Over

2. Price trending downwards but not far away from the crossover point.

3. Red Line cross below the blue line at the iMACD Indicator.

This takes some patience for this setup to develop but it’s gonna be worth it if you keep to discipline.

Always practice and stick to the rule.

The market will open again tomorrow so there is no need to jump into position when there’s no good setup.

See you in the next video.



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