Mirror Trader Review - Binary Software Scam Exposed!

Mirror Trader Review – Binary Software Scam Exposed!


Mirror Trader Binary options software service sells on the promise of making you $14,500 per day by trading binary options – guaranteed. In the investment world, if there’s anybody who is willing to provide such guarantee, please run as fast and as far as you far without looking back. No one makes this kind of guarantee in the financial world and that includes Investment Legends like Warren Buffett or George Soros. The modus operandi works on the simple concept of mirroring or copying the trades from a certain John Harrison (which is heavily suspect is an hired actor). It is interesting to point out that there is no truly verified transaction history (and this should sound the scam alarm bell) from the makers of Mirror Trader Binary options signals service. We hope it’s not too late. Read our unbiased Mirror Trader Review before you even invest with this scam software.

Mirror Trader Review - Big Promises (likely False) from the start to hook you in

Mirror Trader Review – Big Promises (likely False) from the start to hook you in

The Mirror Trader binary options signal service is a rather simple auto trading bot. There are no details on how the binary options calls and puts are made (for all you know it’s just a random programming). In other words, Mirror Trader binary options software service simply expects you to blindly follow the trades that are made. There are no details on how or who executes the trades, which poses the big risk of losing your trading capital quite quickly.

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On the main website, when you scroll down there are pictures of a few people which shows the profits they made over the past few days. Interestingly, even if you re-visit the website 10 days later, the same faces show up including the profits they made over the past couple of days, which clearly shows the questionable marketing practices from Mirror Trader binary options software service.

It is not surprising to note that there are no details on the ownership of the website as well including mirrortrader.net and mirror-trader.co websites associated with this scam.

Signing up to Mirror Trader is as simple as entering your name/email address and phone number. This automatically signs you up to one of the binary options brokers that Mirror Trader has partnered with. Once you enter your details, you are then taken to the deposit page to fund your account.

The sign up procedure for Mirror Trader is a well known method used by many other similar binary options signal scams. In reality while the amount of money that can be made is very questionable, the fact remains that the service is merely an affiliate scam, where the owners of Mirror Trader get compensated when a gullible customer signs up and makes a deposit.

The Mirror Trader dashboard gives you the options to automate the trading, by simply selecting ‘Auto Trade’. There is a section for scrolling news feed and a social trading feed, which again shows traders making money but nothing to validate those claims.

Mirror Trader Review - Professional Looking Trader Dashboard to make the scam look more legit

Mirror Trader Review – Professional Looking Trader Dashboard to make the scam look more legit

Mirror Trader Review – a Clone of other Confirmed Binary Options Software Scam

Upon closer observation we found out that the auto trade copier is actually ‘Neutrino Profit’ which is a well documented scam created by a certain James Taylor. Putting the pieces together, the mirror trader binary options service is in fact a white label of the Neutrino App

The subsequent videos that pop up on the screen are in fact a mix of various other similar scams, including Binary GPS Software trader which is also well documented as making false claims. Overall, Mirror Trader is more or less run by the same people behind Neutrino Profit binary options app and the GPS trader software scam. Taking a closer look into the code behind Mirror Trader, it is evident that the developers have tried their best to make it as difficult as possible to dig out the truth. In reality Mirror Trader binary options software is just one of the many other binary options software scams that have risen in recent times.

You will not be making $14,500 a day but rather making the owners behind Mirror Trader binary options signal service richer every time you make a deposit. We hope our review reaches as many people as possible. Help us spread the word to warn the trading community.


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