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 February 24, 2016

By  Advanced Strategies

What is the Most Profitable Forex Robot

What is the Most Profitable Forex Robot?

Most Profitable Forex Robot?

Well, if you are asking this question, then chances are you are looking for a way to automate your trading. Although, we would say that it’s ultimately in your interest to learn how to trade because if you are putting a significant percentage of your net worth into the market, then you have to learn how to make trading decisions on your own without relying on anyone or any software for that matter. However, we are also believers that a small portion of your portfolio can be automated for that auto-pilot profits. Some might call this diversification but we rather say that you should have several strategies within your Forex portfolio.

When it comes to Forex Robots, chances are that you might have seen a few Robots before and there is a strong probability that you came out disappointed with the Robot that you either got free or you purchased. And you are now back out in the market searching for another profitable Forex Robot. We hate to tell you that 99% of Forex Robots out there do not work. Most Forex Robots are created by marketers who want to just sell the robots but they do not personally trade with it.

We will share with you a powerful Forex Robot that we are using and we have every reason to believe that this is the most profitable Forex Robot in the market and it’s not just today, it’s been doing well for us for 3 years now. Judging from experience, we do think that this Forex Robot will continue to do well for years to come.

Before we suggest, in our opinion, the most profitable Forex Robot, we want to share with you some helpful guidelines so that you know how to easily filter out the crap from the gold.

  1. Be sure that there is a verifiable trading track record. Typically, the Forex Robot should be verified by an independent 3rd party website like MyFXBook and you should be able to see the track record of the robot. The longer the track record the better it is.
  2. With MyFXbook, you can also take note of the drawdown of the robot. This way you know if the robot will one day blow up your portfolio. The higher the drawdown – the higher probability the robot will kill your account one day.

If the Forex Robot does not have a track record but only has a simple backtest report, AVOID AVOID AVOID. Likely this Robot is tweaked to look perfect for back testing. These are Forex Robots created by marketers to sell. In the real world, it will not do well in the long run. What you want to find is a Forex Robot that’s created by traders not by marketers.

So ready for the most profitable Forex Robot with MyFXBook verification, read our Full Forex Robot Review here.



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