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Pepperstone Forex Broker Review

First of all, whenever you see that we recommend a broker it must have to be a broker that we personally use. Today, we are extremely happy to strongly recommend that you give Pepperstone a try as we have use this Australian broker for the past 24 months and we can safely say that this is one of the top brokers out there.

Firstly, this is how Pepperstone Official Website looks like… and it’s a nice simple design without the clutter.

Pepperstone Forex Broker Review

Pepperstone Deposit Methods (Totally Awesome!)

Once you login into your account, you will find that their dashboard is interestingly simple and easy to navigate. Go to account to see your entire list of accounts in one place. One of the things that we like about Pepperstone is the availability of various deposit methods and for us, it’s really Paypal that we find extremely convenient. 

Pepperstone certainly has provided us enough ease and convenience when it comes to deposits. It even has something we have not seen before which is a “Broker to Broker” transfer. We have not used this but this is certainly going to save us a decent transfer fees. For now, we are liking the paypal option plenty…

Pepperstone Live Chat Support

Another thing that has really impressed us with Pepperstone is their incredibly responsive and efficient Live Chat System. Wait time is never more than 1 minute for us and their support is well equipped to answer and address various request. Rarely do they have us write in to their support email.

Pepperstone Live Chat – Impressive Service and efficiency

Typical Pepperstone Spread

Now the most important thing about a broker for us is general spread across the board. Now, as you know, we use several other brokers and we find that Pepperstone is consistently outperforming the other brokers that we use when it comes to spread. Below is a snapshot of what the typical Pepperstone Spread look to us on a daily basis.


Pepperstone Spread (TIGHT!)

The consistently tight spread is one of the main reasons that we absolutely love Pepperstone because some of our trading portfolio needs to have a tight spread for us to get in and out of position fast.

Pepperstone Forex Broker Review: Conclusion

There are just many features about Pepperstone that makes it one of the best Forex Brokers currently available in the market today. As their trading client for the past 24 months, we can vouch for Pepperstone and highly recommend that you give them a go if you want to have a reliable broker with fast execution and consistently tight spreads across various Forex pairs. Pepperstone has our vote of confidence and we proudly recommend them to you. Click here to open an account with them…

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