Professional Traders Use Trendline Trading Strategies- Here’s How! 

 September 26, 2022

By  ForexStrategiesWork.com

When you start reading about the stock market, you’re bound to see the term trendline or trendline trading come up fairly often. While trendline trading strategies can be effective for most traders, using them effectively takes knowledge of how they work and how to identify them in real time. As you read this article, keep in mind that these trendline trading strategies don’t just apply to stocks – they can also be effective in forex, futures, options and commodities trading as well.

An Introduction to Trendlines

Trendlines are a popular trading strategy that traders use to identify the trend direction of a stock. The general idea is to find support and resistance levels that define the trend and trade accordingly. Trendlines can be created with any two points on the chart, so it is up to you how far apart you want your points to be.

The 5 Basic Types of Trendlines

There are five basic types of trendlines: moving averages, channels, momentum, oscillators and support and resistance. Moving averages: These trendlines are created by joining the beginning value to the ending value. Channels: These trendlines are created by connecting two points that are a certain distance apart. Momentum: This is a little more complicated because it requires you to use an indicator on your chart. Oscillators: These trendlines help you see if there is bullish or bearish momentum in the market.

Testing a Trade Using a Trendline

Many traders rely on the trendlines that are created by the highs and lows to predict where the price will go next. This is because a trendline can be considered a prediction for future prices. If a trader believes that the stock will continue to go up, they will buy it as soon as it goes below the trendline but above its previous low.

Candlesticks & Price Patterns

A candlestick pattern is a group of five candles that look similar to one another. The most common candlestick patterns are the Hammer, Shooting Star, Bullish Engulfing, Morning Star, and Bearish Engulfing. Each pattern has specific characteristics that indicate what the next movement in price will be.
Candlesticks offer more information than just a single candle as they show how much the stock fluctuated during this time period.

RSI & MACD + Trendlines = Winning Trades

RSI is a technical indicator that measures the momentum of the stock. MACD is a line plot of two different moving averages on top of each other and how they cross.
Trendlines are one way to gauge the overall direction and strength of a trend. A trendline connects two or more points on a chart, which can be seen as support or resistance levels.

Swing Trading With Trendlines

Swing traders use trendlines to forecast the future direction of a security. Swing traders are in it for the short term, with trades lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When they see an uptrend in price, they buy and when they see a downtrend, they sell.

Daytrading Using Chart Patterns + Good Trades Will Happen if You Follow The Rules.

As traders, we are always looking for a way to use the market to our advantage. The way that we do this is by identifying a trend and then following it in order to make trades. A trendline is one of the most popular ways that traders will identify a potential trade opportunity; so, what are they?
Trendlines are made up of two points on a chart and act as the support or resistance level for any price that falls in between them.

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