Profit By Friday EURUSD 

 July 3, 2016

By  Advanced Strategies

How would you like to have a Win Ratio of More than 90% on Complete AutoPilot?

We are going to show you how you can win 90% of the time and grow your portfolio safely even when you sleep! So read on and we will get to that very soon.

The numbers are staggering. More than 96% of all traders fail. And they fail mainly because of 2 things.

  1. The Wrong Trading Psychology
    – they cannot manage and control their emotions
    – fear and emotions reign over logic or the strategy they employ when the market becomes volatile
    – news and events cloud their judgement on when to pull the trigger or exit a trade
  2. The Wrong Strategy and Tools for the Wrong Market
    – some strategies work great in a trending market but sucks when it come to choppy market conditions.
    – paying for expensive Indicators that promises the sky but does not match the hype
    – learning the wrong thing from so-called Forex Gurus

If you are one of the above, then you are not alone. It’s really not your fault because there are just too many fake stuff out there. Most of the time, Indicators are created by marketers who know nothing about trading. But they do know how to sell you their crappy Indicators through their well polished sales video with all the hype to entice you to part with your hard earned dollars.

If you are here reading this simple “sales” letter, then you probably have benefited from the hundreds of Free strategies that we put out on a daily basis and hopefully you find out Free Stuff useful in your trading journey. Our goal is to help elevate the knowledge of Forex traders and that’s why we have this website setup.

But we know that somehow, it’s not enough. We need to do more. And finally, the solution is to provide a DONE-FOR-YOU service and that’s what we have set out to do. A full service Forex “Hedge” Fund but without the high fees associated with Hedge funds. Also, you don’t have to surrender your money to us. Continue using your favorite Forex Broker. That’s cool.

What you can do is to copy all our trades in MT4 to your MT4 in real time. Essentially, all you need to do is to set up correctly and you are done.


Profit By Friday EURUSD

Profit By Friday EURUSD is created with 2 things in mind…

1. Capital Preservation
2. Scalability for compounded growth

And we are not messing around! Take a look at our live account that is FULLY verified by MyFxbook.

Take a Look at our Live MyFxBook account
Take a Look at our Live MyFxBook account

And with these 2 goals, we have created a robust and straightforward strategy that just buy and sell EURUSD. Each position we enter in EURUSD will always have take profit target and stop loss level. And we enter into one position at a time. Nothing Fancy. Just straight buy and straight sell approach.

Take a Look at our Verified Live Account with MyFxbook

We want to make a difference in the Forex Industry by making our results transparent and have linked up with MyFxBook to fully verify our trading account. Click on any link below to view our live stats with MyFxBook.

You can also take a look at our Past Trades in Profit by Friday EURUSD.

Please use this interactive chart below. This is Full transparency and we hope to set the benchmark for other to follow in this Forex Market. Please click on 1H or 4H for easy viewing of all past trades made in Profit By Friday EURUSD.

Powered by Myfxbook.com

A True Savings and Investment Plan that Anyone Can Implement

This strategy is so sound and solid that we will be depositing $200 per week into this portfolio, until it becomes a $5,000 portfolio. We do this because we know not everyone will have a lump sum to start. Hence, we start like everyone else… setting aside some money every week to grow the account... like a Savings Plan.

Why do we limit our account to only $5000?
That’s because we are used to have multiple small portfolios across different brokers. We just like to spread our capital across different brokers. We have a rule to limit $5000 to each broker. This rule might change in future but for now, that’s what we do. $5000 max with each broker but multiple brokers.

Compounding our Profit Every Week for Accelerated Growth

It’s a real investment plan we want to incorporate to share with you what we really  do with our other portfolios…except we will have it documented with Signal Start and MyFxBook. So please observe how we grow this portfolio with time and how we compound the profits with time… Every week, we will add more trading capital into this portfolio. $200 per week. And as we trade and increase our trading capital, we will also increase our lot size.

Simple Position Sizing: 0.01 lot per $100.

We want the compounding effect to take place so that your portfolio will be on accelerated growth mode  and at the same time, we protect our capital by having stop losses in place for all our trades. The ultimate goal is simple – achieve steady portfolio growth while minimizing our risk and compound our profit with gradual increment of Profit by Friday EURUSD on a weekly basis by $200.

No Complicated Strategy
Just Straight Buy and Straight Sell
One Position at ANY Time
Pre-determined Take Profit Target and Stop Loss Level
90% or More Win Ratio (Look at our MyFxBook Record)

In Profit By Friday EURUSD we are highly selective in our trades. We only get into high probability trades and that’s trades that we are almost certain of taking profit. In this strategy, we are 90% of the time in cash position and 10% or less in any position. No fancy strategy – straight buy and straight sell approach.

We are delighted that you are on-board with us and we will continue to work hard to earn your business.
Your success is our success. And we mean it!

How to Copy ALL our trades (and results) in Real Time in 3 Simple Steps

If you like what you see in our live verified trading account, then we have great news for you. You can copy all our trades in 3 simple steps. Technology is so beautiful that it has made the world much more efficient in transmitting information. With the internet, you can now copy our trades without lag time. All you need is to connect your MT4 or C-Trader account to ours and you can copy all our trades without even lifting a finger. You can get these kind of results even if you do not know how to trade. It’s a monthly subscription and you can cancel at anytime with no further obligation.

To copy our trades from this portfolio, please select Profit By Friday EURUSD.

Forex Trade Signal Service - Get Access Now
Subscription is $89 per month for Profit By Friday EURUSD

Claim Your $60 No Deposit Bonus Here

All you need is to have your live account verified!
Of course, you need to open a live account...

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