Push Money App Review – Software Scam Exposed! 

 April 20, 2016

By  Advanced Strategies

The promise of yachts and high flying lifestyles, diamonds, and the lure of making it rich! The tried and tested scam never ceases to rest and Push Money App does a very fine job coaxing you into the false illusions of making money within an hour. Good actors, fake testimonials, only the most desperate are likely to succumb to the Push Money App scam. Find out why Push Money App is a scam in our unbiased Push Money App Review.

The big ‘push’ of the scam is the enticing video which shows you some fake checks and fake testimonials. For a website that claims to give you $10,000 in cash bonus just for signing up, it is rather odd, that once you go ahead with the registration, you are signed up to IvoryOption.com and asked to make a deposit.

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Push Money App Review - Software Scam Exposed

Push Money App Review – Software Scam Exposed!

Push Money App Review – Software Scam Exposed!

While searching for the company “Push Money Company” registered at the given address shown on the check,  Push Money Company, 1500 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201, we find no such evidence of any company by the name of Push Money Company, which further ascertains our view that the Push Money scam is just that, a well laid out elaborate scam.

Secondly, notice that the check you see from the above screenshot is missing valuable information such as the check number and/or IBAN/Account details missing, proving the fact that this is a neatly done Photoshop fix.

Push Money App Review - Fake CheckPush Money App Review – Fake Check

While the actors try to portray their roles as convincingly as possible, a quick search on the Internet shows no persons by the names of Dennis Moreland or Mike Callahan. Push Money App makes good use of marketing by giving you the illusion that it is a private “invite only” feature. But as one can see just about anyone can get access.

The Push Money App people seem to have gone the extra mile. The screenshot below is from the video that you see. Comparing the fake Bank of America app to the official screenshot from the Bank of America website, and it is easy to spot the fake.

Push Money App Review - Spot the Fake BOAPush Money App Review – Spot the Fake BOA

There is ALWAYS just “One spot left” in Push Money App for You

Try exiting from the Push Money App homepage and you are redirected to another landing page. Here mysteriously, there is only one spot left that is reserved for you. And the video on the landing page gives you rather convincing testimonials, only that they are all fake.

Push Money App Review - Fake Sarcity TacticPush Money App Review – Fake Scarcity Tactic

Should You Buy Push Money App Software?

Push Money App offers the same old con job with a twist. The promise of giving you instant $10,000 is merely a marketing bluff and once you scratch the surface, the same old pattern emerges. You need to sign up and make a deposit with IvoryOption.com, which then entitles the owners at Push Money App to earn a commission or a referral fee when you make a deposit. IvoryOption.com is definitely not a binary options broker that you would want to trust your money with, due to the fact that they are unregulated and make use virtual offices in the UK.

Push Money App has all the scam characteristics employed by so called “marketers” that one often finds on forums such as WarriorForum. Using the tried and tested methods of making convincing videos of fake testimonials, adding a sense of urgency such as “Only One Spot left” Push Money App will only leave you poorer and also brings you the risk of falling victim to identity theft.

If you are serious in building and growing your portfolio steadily and safely without fear of getting scammed, then we highly recommend that you look at a legit MT4 automated trading system that we have tested extensively. Click here to learn more….


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  1. I almost fell for push money and I typed in the search “Pushmoney scam or not,, and sure enough it’s a big fat scam as just like Greenwood forums app they are the same just different name and differant actors

    1. Marita,
      Glad to know that you did not fall for this one.
      They made it look really good.
      Anyone could have fallen for it.
      Glad you did not!

  2. Being a programmer I looked at the code for the advertisement site, because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the page. These liars indicate numbers of people filling out the application “right now” with count that continued to change periodically. This was untrue based on the code in the page below.

    function peopleFilling()
    (function loop() {
    var rand = getRandomArbitrary(4000,9000);
    setTimeout(function() {doSomething(); loop();}, rand);

    Those lying scumbags should be prosecuted by the law.

    1. Good catch George. Everything about the offer is a big lie.
      And yes, it’s blatant scam and yes, again, these people should be prosecuted by law.

  3. Being generally ignorant of scams, Pushmoney was one of the best scams I have ever seen! After reading the article, I am no longer ignorant of this scam. Thanks for saving me $$$$$$$ on this scam!

    1. Hey Bob,
      Yes it is a very convincing sales video.
      And they (the scammers) are getting better at video production.
      We just do our part to get the message out.
      Glad you did not fall for it.

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