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Social Trader Review – Scam or Legit?

This is our our Social Trader Review. Since the introduction of Binary Options, more and more trading software has been released and one that was recently released in called the Social Trader. The one thing that we find disturbing is the fact that many of these binary softwares has videos that make claims like there are the next holy grail in the financial world. Personally, that itself should be a warning sign to traders to stay away. However, it’s always the same crowd that get sucked into the scam over and over again. As a result, many software companies and brokers who promise traders easy money without effort (or no effort at all) began to grow on the binary options market industry. Again, this review is on Social Trader and if you have not seen the offer, here’s the download link for the Social Trader.

So, what we have seen these days is that thousands of binary options traders want to make money through options, but do not know how, or just ignore the fact that promising companies are spread around everywhere. And, because of such fact, we have to be more aware of the dangers of investing money into something that is a complete fraud or scam. And that’s what this review is all about to expose softwares that are nothing but scams.

By saying so, here we are to review another Binary Software… the Social Trader Software – is this another scam or is this legit?

Social Trader Review – Legit or Scam?

Social Trader Review
Social Trader Review – Legit or Scam?

Social Trader is an advanced software that allows you, the normal trader, the ability to copy and trade with the best traders out there. With advancement in trading technology, copying a trader is now very possible. And that’s the main goal of a social trading platform like Social Trader. It’s really a new approach to trading for retail traders who want to achieve instant results.

Using this Social Trading platform, you can either use the information available to make your own trading decisions (self trading) or to just leave it entirely to the better and more advanced traders that you have decided to follow or copy. This works very much the same like Zulutrade and eToro.

For this, we must say that the technology is available and Social trader can connect you to the right trader.

Click here to go check out Social Trader.

Social Trader Review – Is Social Trading Profitable?

Just think about it… if you can copy someone like George Soros or Warren Buffett, would you become a profitable long term?  Most like it is possible. That’s what social trading is all about. The technology allows you to find profitable traders that you can copy and mirror in real time.

The real skill is finding the right trader to copy and to follow. If you follow the wrong trader, then it’s likely that you will not have good results. So be wise when selected the right trader. That’s the key to successful social trading.


Social trading is legit and for a new platform like Social Trader it’s wise to start small and be sure that you select who you copy carefully. Again, here’s the link to Social Trader.

We wish you well. Let us know your success.

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