TauriBot Review – Best Automated Trading Software? 

 February 13, 2016

By  Advanced Strategies

TauriBot Review

This is our TauriBot Review. Is TauriBot a Scam or is it legit as claimed? Well, we are going to find out very soon.
As always you can expect unbiased and straight forward review on the trading tools that we review.

We are glad that you arrived on this page before trying the TauriBot Trading App that’s supposedly released by Dr. Steven Archer of Chicago University.

If you do not know what TauriBot is about, please click here to learn more. They are offering a free download now.

Product Name: TauriBot Breakthrough Trading Software

Creator: Dr. Steven Archer

Official Website: CLICK HERE

TauriBot Review

TauriBot Official Website

Participants are making $80,000 in 8 weeks with one week is absolutely incredible. So incredible that we really need to dive deeper to see how it’s possible. In fact, it’s really too incredible for it to be believable.

TauriBot Review – What does it do?

TauriBot is an automated trading software created by Dr. Steven Archer whose is from the Chicago University (Wow!). He is from the Economics Department. Ok… we will be honest here. This got just a little curious to proceed further into this review. So we are going to dig into the Chicago University to see if such a person even exist.

While searching for the Chicago University, we have to say that we could not find such a university. The closest we got is the University of Chicago which made us even more curious. Here’s the logo of University Chicago.

Tauribot Review - University of Chicago
The Real University of Chicago Logo

Here’s the Chicago University Logo found on TauriBot Offical Website.

TauriBot Review - Chicago UniversityChicago University Logo – Does this even exist?

By now, before even testing TauriBot, there are already many suspicious signs about the credentials of the creator. We are pretty sure that the Chicago University does not even exist. We looked for Dr. Steven Archer but he too does not exist. However, there is a Dr. Stephen Archer in the Medical Faculty. So far, it’s all made to look similar but it’s does not exist.

We will do a final check and confirm. We will dig into the reporter, Patricia Johnson, from Chicago Today.

TauriBot Review: Patricia JohnsonTauriBot Review: Patricia Johnson of Chicago Today?

We dug and dug for more information on Patrica Johnson. You know what?!!? There is no Chicago Today. ha ha ha.
To be honest, we are going to stop here and not even going to test out TauriBot further because we just cannot go further. Maybe TauriBot works but we won’t be going further anymore because these people are not who they claimed to be.

If you want to test out TauriBot for Free, you can check them out here.

The Best Automated Trading Software

Now, while we won’t go further in our testing with the TauriBot, it does not mean that you should stop searching for a good automated trading software. We believe that a decent portion of your portfolio should be handled by a reliable trading program. And in truth, in all our testing and our years of experience as traders, we are truly confident with only one or at most two automated trading software for MT4. If you want to learn more, check out our review for what we think is the
BEST Automated Trading Software around.



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