The Orion Code Binary Trading System Scam Exposed

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This is an important and critical warning against a new Binary Options trading scam called the Orion Code. This is a very dangerous software and it’s a typical get-rich-quick money making scheme where they promise that you can literally become a millionaire within a few months. There are a couple of things that you need to understand that will be addressed so that way traders can understand why Orion Code is not trusted software. Please do not join. You will understand why when you fully review our Orion Code Binary Trading System.

Meet Edward Robinson, the Creator of The Orion Code Binary Trading System

The Orion Code Binary Trading System - Meet the Nicest Millionaire in the World

The Orion Code Binary Trading System – Meet Edward Robinson “the Nicest Rich Guy in the World”… seriously?

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In the first place what you need to understand is that the Orion Code is a combination of a relaunched of two different schemes known as The Quantum Code and The Amissio Formula. By all accounts, Edward Robinson, the CEO behind the scam, is an imposter. The reason why all three software are very similar is because they offer the same bogus incentives and they also use the same exact actors and characters in their introductory videos. You’ll also notice that the Quantum Code and the Orion Code look very similar; they kind of have similar names so it’s not a coincidence.

These are facts that these scammers don’t want you to understand, they just want you to believe that you’re going to become rich using their software.

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And they are giving away the Orion Code Binary Trading System…

And they are giving away the Orion Code Binary Trading System... yeah, right!

And they are giving away the Orion Code Binary Trading System… yeah, right!

Like almost every other Binary Options scam the modus operandi is always the same and the Orion Code scheme is no exception from the rule. The Orion Code software is 100% FREE, but the trick is that the clients have to open a new brokerage account with their preferred broker and deposit a minimum amount of $250 as their trading capital in order to have access to the Orion Code software.

Of course, once the deposit is made the software is designed to lose money so that the broker who is the counterpart to your trade pockets everything. Every time you lose the broker wins and that is the main reason why Orion Code software is a big scam.

100% Win Rate with The Orion Code… is there such a thing as 100% certainty in life?

The Orion Code software is painted as having a 100% win rate and they even go one step further, claiming they can guarantee no loss otherwise they will pay you back $5000 which is a lie. There is no such thing as trading software or a strategy that never loses. They claim you can make $100,000 in just one month of trading which is absolutely bogus and unheard-of. What is even worse is that they added that incentive that they will pay you $5000 just for trying out the Orion Code. These are the same exact incentives that they also used in The Quantum Code and The Amissio Formula and every single trader who had used that software have lost all of their money. Those were huge scams in the past and Orion Code is their newest addition so you should be very careful.

The Orion Code Binary Trading System

The Orion Code Binary Trading System – when it sounds too good to be true… it probably is…


The developer of the Orion Code software, Edward Robinson uses various marketing tactics so he can induce a feeling of security and credibility. At the bottom of the website, there are a couple of buttons: McAfee Secure, VeriSign, and many others, but none of these are actually real, these are fake as the website is not registered with any of these because if you try to click on them they don’t work which means they are fake.

Then there are the different other marketing tactics like in the middle of the screen there is a countdown timer which shows how many minutes are before this membership will be completely closed. Also at the very bottom of the website, there is a box displaying only a limited number of spots available and another box usually displaying a big number of people visiting the page. This is all being done using shady marketing tactics, there are scripts being used to make the software seem like it’s more important than it really is.

Google for Edward Robinson, CEO of Orion Code

And finally, to put the final nail in this scam, please Google for Edward Robinson, CEO of Orion Code and you won’t find any Forbes writeup on this guy except plenty of reviews (by incentivised Affiliates who will profit if you buy from their link). Below is the search result from Google.

Google for Edward Robinson, CEO of Orion Code

Google for Edward Robinson, CEO of Orion Code

Does this look like something legit? On the other hand, go search for George Soros or Warren Buffet. Does the search result look like this (full of reviews)? Well, you be the judge. Our job is to lay out the facts for you. You have to decide.

Our Conclusion on The Orion Code Binary Trading System

The Orion Code Binary Options software just like any other program, promises you with a 100% win rate, but leaves you with lost money and energy. We have exposed only a handful of clear evidence that proves Orion Code software is a scam, but you also have to ask yourself how many other things Edward Robinson is lying to us. We can safely conclude that the Orion Code is the newest Binary Options scam and hopefully this review will help you run away from Orion Code scam.

The Orion Code Binaray Trading System Scam Exposed

The Orion Code Binary Trading System Scam Exposed


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