Tickmill.com Review – Claim Your $30 Tickmill No Deposit Bonus 

 July 19, 2016

By  Advanced Strategies

As you know, we like to spread our capital to several brokers. At the moment, we have a maximum of $5000 deposit with any one broker at any time. It’s not a lot that we deposit per account but we rather spread our eggs all over the place. Maybe one day we will increase our deposits per broker but for now it’s $5000 limit per broker. Recently we came across a Broker that has received good reviews all over the internet and we decided to check it out. So we opened our brand new live Forex account with Tickmill.com. And after trading for several weeks with Tickmill, we figure it’s time to write a Tickmill.com review and share with you our experience with Tickmill.

Tickmill.com Review - Fast Execution and Tight Spreads. Impressive so far!
Tickmill.com Review – Fast Execution and Tight Spreads. Impressive so far!

Who is Tickmill.com?

Firstly, Tickmill.com was founded in 2007 and it offers wide range of trading vehicles from Forex Pairs to Precious Metals to stocks and even bonds. At first glance, Tickmill.com does not give us too much confidence because of it’s registered address. It’s address is…

Trop-X Securities Exchange Building
3 F28-F29 Eden Plaza
Eden Island, Mahe, Republic of Seychelles

…YIKES! was our reaction when we first saw this corporate address. However, we have dealt with supposedly reputable brokers with 1st world country address that sucks so we decided to investigate a little more into Tickmill.com

Tickmill.com Review –  Why did we decide to open a live trading account with Tickmill.com?

Tickmill.com Review - Good reviews prompted us to Open an ECN Pro Account with Tickmill.com
Tickmill.com Review – Good reviews prompted us to Open an ECN Pro Account with Tickmill.com

Like most traders, we have been burnt before by scam brokers. And we learned our lesson well. One way we combat this is by limiting our account to $5000 max per broker. Another way is we look at reviews from different sources to make sure that the broker is good. And once we have decided that the broker is good through reviews, we will start with a small account and slowly increase our deposit gradually on a weekly basis as we trade. If we continue to make a profit and we are happy with the spread, we continue adding (like a weekly savings plan) until we have a $5000 deposit before we look for a new broker to trade with.

The main thing that gave us confidence with Tickmill.com is the general good reviews from various review sites.

“To be honest as a newbie , trading with ECN Broker like tickmill is a new experience for me. Because i am usually trade with fixed spreads broker that provide cent lot trading. I heard rumors if in ECN Brokers -spreads will be widening like crazy when financial event /news announced, and ECN Broker spreads will be bigger than any fixed spreads broker.

But i did not experience that with tickmill, in fact, i only had around 2.6 spreads widening with tickmill EcN when NFP . And to compare with my old broker, i can say they have great server with fast executions.
never encountered any delay . Trade with them with $75 deposit, and already withdrew total $100 .
And i do not feel their server and executions become slower, like my old broker.”

Bakti Adhikara, Indonesia
source: ForexPeaceArmy.com

Yep. Spreads are important to us as traders and wide spread is a no no. This one review and many others began to change our mind. We continue our research and became more convinced with with Tickmill.com.

“I have traded for a few months with Armada (now Tickmill). Never had a single issue with trading, depositing and withdrawing. Yesterday I was able to greatly profit of the huge CHF volatility. I did not get a single re-quote or nullification of my orders. I could withdraw my gains without any problem, which were transferred on my bank account a few hours after. The day after Tickmill even sent an email to their customers to reassure them that all trades would be honored. A solid company and a professional behavior that other brokers should learn from!”

Giorgio Biaisol, Italy
source: ForexPeaceArmy.com
Tickmill.com Review

And we also want to see plenty of reviews on fund withdrawal. And so far, all seem fine with withdrawals from Tickmill.com.

“The money that I invested two years ago rapidly increased. Tickmill is my 3rd broker and I also have different accounts on different brokers. I have a total of 1500USD deposits and I happy to say that I never saw any suspicious trading activities since I opened an account with them.”

Gard Reyna
source: RatingFX.com
Tickmill.com Review


“My trading style is to put all of my balance in one trading. That is why I only deposit as low as possible and take profit as much as possible. and market only need move 50.0-100.0 pips against my open trade before i got stop out other broker ban my trading style. i do not know why. and some of other let me do my style and delete my profit after that. which is unfair. In my tickmill classic account, i can trading using my style without any problem. they accept my style.and have no problem withdrawing my profit.”

Riza Kharista Ramdhani
source: DailyFx.com
Tickmill.com Review

So after reading numerous good reviews, we decided to open an ECN Pro live account with Tickmill.com! And we were given a surprise No Deposit Bonus from Tickmill.com. We usually don’t bother with all these bonuses as it’s usually only a small amount and in this case, it’s $30 but since we got a nice welcome bonus from Tickmill.com, we immediately put the deposit to work.

Tickmill.com Review Conclusion

Don’t pay too much attention to the No Deposit Bonus as there are more important matters to consider when it comes to choosing your Forex Broker. Matters like tight spreads, execution, withdrawals and customer support (live chat) must all be above par before you consider the broker.

And with Tickmill.com, we believe we have found a good broker and would recommend that you consider trading with them. And when you do, you have a nice small bonus of $30 that you can use to trade with.

Click below to get started with Tickmill.com and claim  your Free USD30 No Deposit Bonus

Tickmill Review - Open An Account Now
Tickmill.com Review – Open An Account Now and Claim Your $30 No Deposit Bonus

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    1. Yes indeed. We use Tickmill and XM. We continue to open new accounts with other brokers as our limit per broker is $5000.
      So far, Tickmill has surely set the benchmark very high.

  1. I also use this broker but not so frequently, mostly I place trades in the evening when liquidity is not one of the best and spreads and execution is decent. Going to switch to full time trading in several month as I’m going to retire will dedicate myself to trading with tickmill

    1. Hey Marcus,

      It’s a good choice. However, let us remind you to spread your funds to several brokers.
      Experience have taught us well to spread our funds around.

  2. It is really a good idea and a very nice thinking you help to spread your funds to several brokers.Thank to you for your posting.

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