Top 20 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better

Top 20 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better

We have started a compilation of a list of Top Forex Twitter accounts because we feel that the information shared by these folks are just too invaluable to ignore. Having said that we are proud to present to you our very own Top 20 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better. Read more…

Top 20 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better

Twitter can be a very powerful tool if used correctly and every Forex trader should be taking advantage of. Even though there are lots of scammers on twitter, if you dig enough through all the dirt, you can find many experienced and successful traders willing to share their trading ideas and market commentary. This can be a gold mine especially for traders who need to be up to date with the latest macro developments in the market and more. Hundreds of millions of tweets are shared on a daily basis making Twitter the primary news source for any respected trader.

There are many pro traders on Twitter that tweet in real time about their current trades and provides valuable free market analysis that can help you make better trading decisions. Since there is a big Forex traders community on twitter and it can be overwhelming to discern who is legit and who is not I’ve made a top 20 best Forex Twitter accounts you might want to follow.


If news trading is your thing then following @Cigolo is a no-brainer. Not only that you’ll be provided in real time with the latest economic data, but you’ll learn about the most recent macro developments and geopolitical events that can drive volatility higher. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fundamental trader or not but being aware when a news, that can impact your favorite currency pair, is released can prepare you to make a better trading decision.

Follow @Cigolo here


50 Pips is an trader and an educator with a large following base. With more than 61k followers and over 135k is one of the oldest Forex twitter accounts. Every day before the London session open he will share the “Forex & Futures Outlook” for the day ahead in video format. He covers not just the major currency pairs but also offers lots of chart analysis on the commodity market and global stock indexes.

Follow 50 Pips here


Admiral Markets is a retail Forex trading broker that does a good job in sharing Forex market analysis and educational materials for novice and advanced traders. They also have exclusive articles that cover in all details the recent risk events that can disrupt the market volatility.

Follow Admiral Markets here


Alaidi is a strategist, trader, and author of currency trading who is a regular contributor on CNBC. He gained a lot of respect in the trading community by providing unbiased Forex analysis. Even though he provides lots of market commentaries for free in his tweets he also runs a private Forex service. His premium service gives you daily insights and trading ideas on FX, indices, and commodities.

Follow Alaidi here


Goncalo Moreira or simply Aulafx is a Forex scalper that only focuses on short-term plays. His main specialty is trading the EURUSD and he tweets in advance whenever he buys or sells the EUR/USD. Goncalo Moreira is very transparent with his trading operation as he will keep you updated with his trading position through the entire day.

Follow Aulafx here


Babypips is the most recognized source of information for novice traders. If you follow them you’re going to get much more as they are very diverse with the information they provide.

Follow BabyPips here


Brenda Kelly is the Head Analyst at London Capital Group a retail Forex broker. With more than 15 years worked in the Forex business, she has a tremendous experience. Brenda Kelly’s twitter feed is a great source for fundamental traders but you’ll find lots of technical information as well.

Follow Brenda Kelly here


Caseys Tubbs provides educational resources for Forex traders. His blog the Winner’s Edge Trading is a compilation of great trading material full of in-depth technical analysis and forex outlook as well as lots of tips and tricks to improve your trading skills.

Follow Caseys Tubbs here


Carol Harmer or simply CharmerCharts is an established technical analyst in the UK with almost 30 years of experience. She also appeared weekly on Bloomberg, CNBC, and Reuters. Carol provides very insightful technical analysis on the currency market, indices and commodities. If you like trading based on support and resistance you might want to follow CharmerCharts.

Follow ChamrerCharts here


Chris Lori is one of the most prolific traders that you’ll find on Twitter. Chris is a former Olympic medalist and he runs his own Hedge Fund. You rarely get the chance to get market insights from the institutional side of the Forex business. He tweets a lot of valuable bank research reports that are hard to find anywhere for free.

Follow Chrislorifx here


Christoper Vecchio is a currency strategist at DailyFX and his twitter feed is full of real-time fundamental and technical analysis. Following Christoper is a no-brainer if you want to be up to date with the latest market developments.

Follow CVecchioFX here


David Song is a currency analyst at DailyFX and what makes him a must follow is the fact that he hosts a lot of live sessions ahead of major risk events that can impact that currency exchange rates. David does interactive webinars with Q&A session and if you have some queries about recent market movements it’s great to have him on your following list.

Follow DavidJSong here


George Dorgan is a Swiss banker and the main editor of the George provides a lot of market research on the Swiss economy and the Swiss Franc. If you trade pairs like USD/CHF or EUR/CHF you should definitely follow George. He provides very accurate market analysis and he was among the financial analysts to predict the SNB black swan event.

Follow DorganG here


David Rodriguez is a senior strategist for DailyFX. If you’re into the Forex sentiment analysis or if you like to have an idea how market participants are positioned you might want to follow David. He provides lots of statistical analysis as well as the latest COT data which is always a good thing to be aware of if you’re a Forex trader.

Follow DRodriguezFX here


Edward Moya is the Chief Technical Strategist for World Wide Markets and according to his twitter profile he specialized in “ interpreting key drivers and trend in the Forex market.” He appears regularly on TV news networks which makes him a trustworthy source. Edward provides very insightful technical charts and that’s the reason why he is in my top 20 Forex accounts.

Follow Edjmoya here


Ed Matts is one of the most popular characters on twitter. His unique trading style and versatility make him a top choice for any respected Forex trader. Ed’s main specialty is fractal analysis which is an unconventional trading style. Even thought you might not be familiar with this trading approach his chart analysis can be used as an additional tool to your own trading operations. Ed has more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry so you better make sure his name is on your twitter following list.

Follow EdMatts here


Jonathan Ferro is a New York-based anchor for Bloomberg TV’s morning show “Bloomberg GO.” His twitter account is very insightful and updated with the most recent fundamental analysis while his charts are always very clean and easy to follow.

Follow FerroTV here


If you want to be updated with the latest Forex regulations or what are the current trends in the retail Brokerage space than it’s mandatory to have Finance Magnates on your twitter following list. If a new Forex Broker Firm is formed then more likely than not you’ll first hear on this twitter account. The reputation of your Forex Broker is very important as well as being financial stable and if anything bad happens Finance Magnates will be the first to tweet it.

Follow FinanceMagnates here


Francine Lacqua is an Bloomberg anchor and according to her public profile she delivers “deep analysis of the biggest business and finance stories live from Bloomberg Television’s London studio.” She also co-host the “Bloomberg Surveillance” with Tom Keene, “where she provides insight on global markets and the top business stories of the day.” If you’re trading based on the macro trends, Francine’s twitter feed is all you need.

Follow Francine here

Top 20 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better

This collection of twitter accounts is a comprehensive list as it covers a broad spectrum of Forex traders, educators and financial analysts. The rank is made in no particular order and the sole purpose of the top 20 best Forex twitter accounts is to give you diverse professional sources of information that in the end, hopefully it will make you a better trader that is always updated on the Forex market. If you have other Forex Twitter accounts that provide invaluable Forex information regularly, kindly make a comment below. We will act on it. We hope you find our  “Top 20 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better” list useful. Keep a look out for the next 20 list of Forex Twitter Accounts to follows…

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