Top 40 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better

Top 40 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better

Before reading any further you might want to check out our previous article Top 20 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better which is a compilation of a list of Top Forex Twitter accounts that we feel it can add value to your trading activities.  Read more…


Top 40 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better

Today’s article is to provide you with more options from where you can choose your favorite Forex Twitter accounts. We felt we did a big injustice by living out so many great Forex Twitter names and we want to make sure you are provided with a constant stream of Forex news, information, analysis and new trading ideas. We added 20 new Forex Twitter accounts to follow in 2017 and have compiled a new comprehensive list of Forex Twitter accounts from where you can get useful information. This list is in no particular order so, without further ado here is the Top 40 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better…


With almost 57k followers @Forex is a great follow to any trader’s twitter feed. He is a full-time trader from France that has developed many great trading tools to help traders in better understanding the current market environment. He runs a very useful technical website that focuses on technical tools such as market correlations, Forex volatility, currency indexes and much more. These statistical tools can give you an advantage over other traders and potentially can help you make bigger profits.

Follow @Forex here


@Forexcom is followed by a staggering amount of 92k people which is one of the reasons why he made it on our list. @Forexcom appears to be another great source of technical analysis as well as fundamental news analysis. As their profile suggest you can “get access to actionable trade ideas, analysis and more.”

Follow @Forexcom here


Forex Factory is viewed as the biggest Forex forum that gathers together a community of both novice and professional traders. Forex Factory is the ideal place for traders who like to engage in constructive talk about new trading ideas and Forex analysis. One of the interesting features of Forex Factory is the diversity of information that can be obtained from the Calendar section or the News section.

Follow @ForexFactory here


Forex Live is the most “trusted source for everything in the world of foreign exchange, central banking and economic news.” The number of traders that rely on Forex Live to provide them with trading information speaks by itself as more than 100k people follows @ForexLive twitter feed. Forex Live will keep you updated with the latest Forex news 24 hours a day covering all major trading sessions.

Follow @ForexLive here


Forex Peace Army has a unique twitter feed because it’s one of the fewest Forex twitter accounts that works to expose the scams in the Forex industry. It’s also a great source to get unbiased Forex broker reviews from real traders. Almost every retail Forex brokers that are a scam more likely than not will be exposed on Forex Peace Army website.

Follow @ForexPeaceArmy here


Dale Pinkert is the man who runs the @ForexStopHunter Twitter account. Dale has more than “30 years of trading experience specializing in commodity futures and currencies.” Not only that he shares valuable trading information but he also has a great personality that will make your trading day more enjoyable. He is a former member of CME and trades mostly based on the technical analysis so his twitter feed is full of technical charts.

Follow @ForexStopHunter here


Adam Button or @FX_Button is a currency analyst and editor at ForexLive but he is also an Intermarket Strategist at Ashraf Laidi. Adam’s twitter feed appears to be focusing more on the macro developments in the market as well as on the political landscape. Since Adam is a Canadian Forex based trader he often will focus his attention on the Canadian Dollar so if you find yourself trading the USD/CAD or any other CAD crosses, Adam is a good follow.

Follow @Fx_Button here


Dirk Friczewsky is a German based independent trader that provides free Forex trading ideas on a daily basis. Dirk has a very interactive twitter feed as he regularly retweets the most interesting news stories of the day.

Follow @FXDIRK here


Boris Schlossberg the man behind the @Fxflow twitter handle is Managing Director and Founding Partner of BKForex. Boris has a very strong presence on twitter as he covers everything related to Forex trading and more. If you like interactive webinars, educational Forex materials, and Forex analysis then make sure you follow Boris. Last but not least it’s important to note that Boris has more than 20 years of experience in the market and he regularly appears on CNBC.

Follow @Fxflow here


@FxProGlobal is the official twitter account of FxPro a Forex Broker that has been in business for more than 11 years. This twitter feed will provide you with top-notch Forex material and one of the most useful information is their Forex Daily Outlook which is an in-depth report of what to expect from the market in the day ahead.

Follow @FxProGlobal here


Sophia Todorova is one of the fewest female traders that has a strong presence on twitter. She is a swing trader that appears to be focusing more on Elliott Wave trading as she often tweets interesting technical charts with Elliott Wave counts.

Follow @FXstorm here


Fx Street News twitter feed offers 24 hours a day, 5 days a week of real-time Forex news. Fx Street covers all 3 major trading session and you will be updated with all relevant news items that every fundamental trader needs to know. This twitter feed is a news aggregator and followers should be satisfied with the content received.

Follow @FxStreetNews here


Fx Street Reports is part of website but the main focus of this twitter feed is to provide real-time Forex research. You’ll find very useful and in-depth technical and fundamental research which can help you formulate new trading ideas.

Follow @FxStreetReports here


Fx Street Update is part of website but the main focus of this twitter feed is to provide you with updates on the Forex market. This twitter feed is an aggregator for FX Street staff members.

Follow @FxStreetUpdate here


Grega Horvat is an independent forex, futures and stock trader that focuses mainly on the Elliott Wave trading technique. If you’re into Elliott Wave trading than following Grega is a no-brainer as his charting analysis seems pretty strong. He focuses not just on Forex currency pairs so if you trade other asset classes like commodities or stocks you need to follow this twitter feed.

Follow @GregaHorvatFX here


Greg Michalowski is the Director of Education and Technical Analyst for ForexLive and author of Attacking Currency Trends. Greg started his career at Citibank New York and his twitter feed does reflect his high level of experience. Greg’s twitter feed is abundant in technical charts that can help you better understand the technical picture for different currency pairs.

Follow @GregmikeFX here


Ilya Spivak is the Global Macro Strategist for and it appears that his twitter feed is a mixture of global macro fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis of the major currency pairs. Well worth to follow if you want a mixture of analysis.

Follow @IlyaSpivak here


James Chen is the Head of Research for and his twitter account is mainly used to share short-term updates on the G10 currencies. His market commentary are very insightful and even though he hasn’t been twitting that much lately it’s a good follow to have as you never know when James is going to update you with the latest relevant Forex analysis.

Follow @JamesChenFX here


Jamie Coleman is the man behind the @jamie_forex twitter account and he is a well-known figure in the Forex business as he is the founder of ForexLive. His twitter feed is an excellent source of political information and if this is something that you’re interested in, make sure to follow Jamie.

Follow @jamie_forex here


Joel Kruge is the founder of JKonFX and FX Strategy Consultant to LMAX an retail Forex Broker. Joel always has sharp analysis of what is happening in the Forex market and he tweets about the latest macro developments on a daily basis. He tweets interesting market insights and that’s the reason why he made it in our top Forex twitter accounts to follow.

Follow @JoelKruge here


John Kicklighter is the Chief Strategist for DailyFX and his twitter feed offers one of the most comprehensive fundamental analysis of the latest risk events in the market. This feed is an excellent follow for any self-respected fundamental trader as the level of clarity and his ability to make complicated fundamental concepts very simple is the thing that propelled him into our Forex twitter account list.

Follow @JohnKicklighter here

We hope that this comprehensive and very diverse rank of Forex twitter accounts that you might want to follow was helpful. It’s also important to remind yourself that following somebody on twitter is not a replacement for doing your own work and doing your own analysis. Twitter can be also a dangerous place as you can easily forget your own trading plan when you rely too much on someone else’s analysis.

Top 40 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better

This collection of twitter accounts is a comprehensive list as it covers a broad spectrum of Forex traders, educators and financial analysts. The rank is made in no particular order and the sole purpose of the top 20 best Forex twitter accounts is to give you diverse professional sources of information that in the end, hopefully it will make you a better trader that is always updated on the Forex market. If you have other Forex Twitter accounts that provide invaluable Forex information regularly, kindly make a comment below. We will act on it. We hope you find our  “Top 20 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better” list useful. Keep a look out for the next 20 list of Forex Twitter Accounts to follows…

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