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Top Forex Trading Websites

So in this blog post, we would like to share with you and in no particular order our Top Forex Trading websites…websites that we go to regularly for data and information.  As traders, we have to be resourceful and have go to websites for critical information that we need. While we provide plenty of Advanced Forex Strategies on our own website, we constantly go out to the world to look for information that directly impact our own trading results.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below. We welcome it and it will make this list even better with your input. Thank you in advance.

Top Forex Trading Websites

Forex Crunch

Forex Crunch is a Forex blog that covers extensively on current news and Forex pairs analysis. We particularly like the in-depth coverage (both fundamental and technical) on the major Forex Pairs. This is one website you can always visit to get trade ideas and also expert opinions on market movements. We especially like Yohay’s weekly outlook and coverage on major Forex Pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CAD. 

Top Forex Trading Websites - Forex Crunch Review is website that’s packed with plenty of worthy information. We particularly like their technical analysis coverage as well as their fundamental analysis with their timely update on Forex News. Occasionally, you might even see a hint of their speculation on the outcome on certain Forex Calendar Events. For more information on DailyFX, check out our DailyFX Review here.

Top Forex Trading Websites -

XM Broker

As the name suggest, XMBroker IS a Forex Broker and we love the simplicity that this broker provides. Now this is not a review on Forex Broker so we will not cover on their broker features. We list XMBroker as one of our top Forex trading websites because we have enjoyed and benefited from their trading signals that they provide to all their live account holders. Their technical and fundamental analysis is really spot on and it’s certainly remains as one of our top Forex trading websites that we visit everyday. To enjoy their trading signals, just open an account for a small deposit of $5. Of course, if you trade with them, XMBroker has also proven to be a highly reliable broker for us. For more information, please check out our Review here.

Top Forex Trading Websites - XMBroker Review


Other websites worth mentioning…



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