USDCAD Price Action Analysis – 28th Dec 2018 | Free Forex Trading Signal

USDCAD Price Action Analysis – 28th Dec 2018

USDCAD Price Action Analysis – 28th Dec 2018

USDCAD Price Action Analysis – 28th Dec 2018

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USDCAD has been on a bullish run and has been climbing steadily over the past 4 weeks. We think that this climb perhaps is due for a reversal especially with the hint that the pin bar has provided to us the day before. So here’s our trades for this pair today. We will be entering a Buy and Sell Stop Order. In the event of a breakout of either direction, please cancel the opposing order.

Here’s the first order for Buy:

  • Buy Stop Order: 1.36650
  • Stop loss: 1.36450
  • Take profit: 1.36750

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Here’s the Sell Stop Order:

  • Sell Stop Order: 1.35600
  • Stop loss: 1.35800
  • Take profit: 1.35500

If you have entered the orders correctly, then we are waiting for a breakout to happen either on the long or short side. Your MT4 screen should look like this.

Either way... we are getting some action

Either way… we are getting some action

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