Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD - 16th to 20th Jan 2017

Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 16th to 20th Jan 2017

Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 16th to 20th Jan 2017

EURUSD has had a bullish week. The pair produced some long 4 hourly bull candles with long tails. This shows that the pair is looking for fuel to find its direction. High impact news events are going to work as fuel for this pair in the next week. Let us have a look at some of the high impact news events in the next week that might make EURUSD be volatile.

Wednesday- 18th January- 13.30 GMT

  • CPI m/m
  • Core CPI m/m

Both of these news events take place at the same time and they could make this pair volatile. They do not normally make the pair to be extremely volatile though. Then again, these are enough to produce long enough spikes to wipe stop losses away.

Wednesday- 18th January- 20.00 GMT

  • Fed chair Yellen speaks

Another high impact news event does not always get too extreme, but it could make the pair produce long spikes.

Thursday-19th January- 13.30 GMT

  • ECB press conference
  • Building permits
  • Philly Fed manufacturing index
  • Unemployment claims

EURUSD traders are going to face huge volatility on this day. ECB press conference and Unemployment claims are very high impact news events. Both of the news events are going to take place at the same time. However, traders have to give emphasis on ECB press conference more. It is often seen that the volatility gets to its extreme level when the Question/answer session starts.

Thursday-19th January- 13.30 GMT

  • Crude oil inventories

It is a high impact news event as well. However, it might not make a huge impact since the pair would already find a direction after those massive news events.

Friday- 20th January- 1 GMT

  • Fed chair Yellen speaks

This would be Yellen’s 2nd speech in the next week. Yellen’s speech can create volatility, but the timing of the speech does not suggest that it would make this pair to get extreme volatility. Nevertheless, it is better being safe with this news event as well. Of course, we have the new President about to take helm on the 20th Jan 2017. We don’t expect the market to move that much as it should already be factored in by now but if you are not comfortable with volatility, then best to take the sidelines.

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